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pirouette in the dark: the running shadow

by kai spencer

kai spencer basically lysandre uses a gas as a way to give jasmine payback after she stole xerneas so he couldn't use the ultimate weapon.
"lysandre!" I exclaimed "impossible" looker added "lysandre I thought calem made sure you NEVER came back" I added "well he was very impetuous and rash about it, so he didn't tie the knots very tight". he replied. "and here is a picture of calem" he added with calem sitting on a chair with two knives in his shoulders "calem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed "you prick!" I screamed as I launched myself at him. I aimed for were it would hurt the most. his throat. I grabbed out a knife and tried to swing at his throat but looker removed me. "you know the boy in the photo?" looker asked me "yes I replied savagely. he is my boyfriend" I told looker. I launched myself at lysandre again and this time I managed to snag darkrai poke ball "hah! I have darkrai and now he is mine". I said as I returned him to the poke ball. I put his poke ball in my bag as I had no room in my belt and I bolted out of the bureau with the photo of calem. I decided from the background that he was in lysandre's lab so I bolted straight for his café. he's been here recently as the elevator door is now shut. I said the password and entered.
  1. kai spencer
    kai spencer
    here is the third instalment. as the weekend is coming up in Australia my next instalment will hopefully be posted on the Monday :) cheers Kai Spencer
    Jul 17, 2015