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The Rules Collection

by Magpie

fiction2.png piggy.png Joltik.png Rules.png
Magpie The various Pit of Creativity rules illustrations all under one roof~

Porygon Z and Unown for the Written Works
Tepig dreaming of being sprited with wings for the Spritework Boards
Ditto copying Joltik for the Creative Corner
Smeargle sat on the rules for the Artworks Boards

Corel Painter 11
  1. Demelza
    Very cute artwork. Ferne. Do love these things, especially little Tepig. ♥
    Sep 8, 2013
  2. baratron
    OMG. Joltik and Ditto-Joltik... that's too adorable for words!
    Sep 7, 2013
    snivyD likes this.
  3. RacieB
    These are all cute as hell, but.. that Dittik. It is me. ♥
    Sep 7, 2013