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The Rise of Squad- Prologue

by Rowlet Kid

Rowlet Kid This is the prologue of my original region story! Enjoy and tell me what you think!
This whole event happened whenever our four heroes moved to the Daytona region. Their names were Hannah, Martin, Bennett, and Flandre. Each of the four was between the age of fifteen and and eighteen, and all came to this region for one purpose: to flee their home region. Little did these children know that they would someday have the entire Daytona region- and possibly the entire world- rest in their eight hands.
Let's start with Hannah. Hannah DuBois is a sweet sixteen year old girl who came from Snowbelle City in Kalos. Her first Pokemon was a Fennekin, who is currently in his second stage of Evolution, and all she has is him, and her shiny Meowstic. There was a terrible drought going on in Kalos, and water was getting harder and harder to get. All of the snow was even melting in Snowbelle City. Several other regions such as Hoenn and Alola were trying to help with this drought. Hannah's parents eventually sent her to the tropical Daytona region so she would always have water to drink.
Up next is Martin Hollister. Martin is the oldest of the four, at eighteen, and grew up in Virbank City in Unova. He had dated Roxie for almost seven years, and travelled with his trusty Emboar, along with his Mandibuzz, Emolga, Reuniclus, Vileplume, and shiny Lapras. Martin had dated the gym leader Roxie for seven years until their eventual split. Months after their breakup, the gym leader had gotten mugged, and her father, thinking that Martin was responsible (which he wasn't, he would never do something like that), started to threaten him. He fled to Daytona in fear of her safety.
Bennett Popov is a young seventeen year old boy who grew up in Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh. He came from a family of two parents and ten children, himself being a triplet and the third oldest. His family was rather poor, and he was the only one who could become a trainer. He travels with his Torterra, shiny Ambipom, Flygon, Milotic, Typhlosion, and Electivire. He is a very skilled trainer and was forced to leave Sinnoh because there was a lot of fighting going on, and he wanted to leave for the safety of his Pokemon.
Flandre Garnier is the youngest of the four kids, being only fifteen years old. She grew up in Hoenn with a single mom, who happened to be Courtney of Team Magma. She is a very stressed girl who is afraid of everything, but she likes massages. She travels with her Swampert, Froslass, Serperior, Vaporeon, Flareon, and her beloved shiny Lopunny. She lived in a large variety of places. She lived most of her live in Lavaridge town, but when she was twelve lived in Slateport, but only for a few months. She felt a strong hatred for Team Magma after her mother left her. After stealing Maxie's Camerupt, Team Magma was quickly trying to hunt her down, so for around two years lived in an apartment in Mauville. She moved to Daytona after Team Magma found her Mauville location. All she really wants is to see her mom again.
Now that you know about these four children, you will now experience their adventures in the wonderous Daytona region!