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The Rift: The Rift [Creepypasta Part 2]

by PkmnTrainerMike

PkmnTrainerMike THIS IS THE ACTUAL SCAREY PART! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE SCARED EASILY! Also I'm back! Did you miss me? Possibly, but let's get to the story.
Leroy called back his Charizard and started walking to the edge of Cinibar Island. Ponyta, Rapidash, Arcanine, and Vulpix were running away as fast as they could. Seel, Dewgong, and hundreds more water type Pokémon were swimming away. But not Leroy. He walked closer to the strange portal. It seemed to call him closer. He sent out all of his Pokémon. Charizard, Beedrill, Nidoking, Vileplume, Poliwrath, and Magneton looked ready to battle. Then the strangest thing happened. Static. Then silence.

He woke up in a completely white world. Nothing but white. It hurt his eyes just to see where things were. But the problem was he wasn't anywhere in Kanto, or the world for that matter. His Pokémon were missing, lost in time. He walked around for what seemed like ages. He looked around until he found his beedrill. It looked scared, like something was after it. He wandered closer. Nothing was wrong, until a white blur flashed by. He ran to his beedrill. It's wings were torn off. His eyes were gouged out spilling blood everywhere. His drills ripped off and shoved through his stomach. It was horrifying.

The same thing happened to his Vileplume. Her flower was completely teared out and she was missing her arms. Leroy wanted to vomit at it. But he held it back and moved forward. His Nidoking was his second most powerful Pokémon. His ears were ripped out. His horn sticking through an eye. His tail was missing and his stomach was torn open. Leroy's Magneton was broken up into three Magnemites. They were all shoved down the mouth of his Poliwrath, who was missing his eyes.

He kept moving on even though he has seen his dead Pokémon. He walked and walked until he found his Charizard. It was still alive but it was battling something. A rectangular box of static was there. Charizard used flamethrower but it had no effect on it. It made 2 hands out of static and lunged to his Charizard. It pounced on him, pulling at his horns. Charizard was screaming in pain. The horns were torn off and shoved through it's eyes. He used flamethrower but it missed completely. It proceeded to tear off his wings and throw them on the ground. Blood was pouring everywhere.

The white box stared him down. It's blank static paralyzed Leroy. It slowly walked to him as his eyes were filled with static. He knew it would be his last day on this planet.
  1. TrainerLillie
    ok this, THIS IS TOO CREEPY
    Dec 14, 2016