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The Region none had heard of

by SpookyFire11

SpookyFire11 Esmeralda McDonald is going to Alola for her birthday! She's always wanted to go there, and she is very excited. But when her plane takes an unexpected detour, it might just lead her to her destiny.

Pulling her bags on with her with the help of her Sneasel, Esmeralda McDonald boarded the plane. She smiled as she took her seat, right next to her older brother, Braydon. "You excited Esme?" Braydon asked. "Are you kidding?" Esmeralda asked, turning to her brother.
"Of course I'm excited! I've wanted to visit Alola since I as five!" Just then, a ding could be heard, and a sweet voice came on the intercom. "Attention all boarders, please take your seat, and put all pokemon into their pokeballs, unless of course you have permission." Esmeralda looked at her Sneasel. "Sneasel..." It said sadly. "Sorry April, We don't have permission." She raised her empty pokeball and sucked her Sneasel inside. She looked around and watched other boarders sucking their pokemon back in. She smiled and lay back. She'd be at alola in three hours.
Her eyes opened as the voice on the intercom came back on. "Attention all boarders, we will be taking a short detour due to storms overhead." Esmeralda heard people groaning, but she just smiled at her brother. "I hope the storm isn't too bad." She said. Braydon nodded. "Yeah, I've heard the storms in Alola have been known to be pretty gnarly." Esmeralda laughed. "No one uses that word anymore."
She opened up her pokedex and started scrolling through the silhouettes of pokemon in alola.
"I wonder If i'll see any of the-" CRASH
It went so fast Esmeralda could not tell what was going on. People were screaming, they were falling fast, and the voice on the intercom came on and said "Everyone please calmly make your way towards the-" CRASH!!!
They crashed and everything went flying. Esmeralda got knocked out just as she heard her brother say "I love you."
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