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Pokémon Kalos journeys: The power of science and power plants 1

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer Yep Bryce is back
Well Bryce mad-HOLY CRUD!!!! HES GOT 7 BADGES IN HIS GAME?!?!?! Well time to catch up... Fast pace mode activated "omg a dessert yummy!" Bryce said while looking at a worker "no not the food dessert the sandy des-" Bryce fled "Taste the sand bruh" The worker walked away "whoooooo!!!!" Bryce ran into a team flare grunt "you ran into me!!!!!! Ghggvgvefvdjbrhf" the team flare grunt just made Bryce wanna do something to him "Hey I heard you lost the power plant access card... Let me go get it" Bryce got the Power Plant Card.. Bryce taunted the Flare Grunt... Bryce fled to a door 5 minutes later Bryce looked at the mega ring "how do I work this thing?" Bryce shaked the ring "augh!!!" Another 5 minutes later "ok I beat em all now.." 2 masked people came up to Bryce "oh hey we are the mega super duper special heroes but people call us TWHE aka the worst heroes ever" Bryce stole 3 full restores by pickpocketing while they were flashing poses and talking "see ya!" Bryce left after that Bryce stopped and went to be- JK he's continues "Lumoise City again" Bryce rode his Big Wheel to the Gym "hey light up the gym slowpokes!!!" Bryce took out a air horn and used it as a car horn 1 hour later "ready yet?!" Well maybe after the gym lights up THE END!!!