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The Pokemon King of Fighters

by Rudy the Eevee

Rudy the Eevee Hope you enjoy reading this!
The Pokemon King of Fighters
Chapter 1:The journey awaits

It was a bright sunny morning in Vaniville Town,Shingo still asleep in his room.Kuri,being the lovable little Eevee he is,licked Shingo awake.
"Hey!stop that!I'm awake,I'm awake!"
Shingo playfully says as he put kuri down and then got off bed.
"It's morning already?well then...better get ready for the day"
Shingo says with a bit of disappointment as he changed into his clothes and ran downstairs.

"Good morning!"
Shingo optimally shouts out to Chiruzu,who was waiting for him downstairs.
"Why with the confidence?It may be the day you're going on your pokemon journey,but you're still not completely healed after the incident with Iori and him going Riot of the Blood on you"Chiruzu said
"I already told you I'm feeling fine!Ash saved me from Iori,and Benimaru helped me with the getting better part!"
Shingo says
"He just gave you a get well card"
Chiruzu replies
"Hey!it counts!"
Shingo snaps back
"How rude,eat some breakfast and then be on your way,you don't want to be late to getting your starter!"
Chiruzu says
"I got Kuri! Even if he a bit errr.....playful"
Shingo replies
Chiruzu just sighs and then makes her way upstairs as Shingo eats away his breakfast.After a while of eating and getting prepared,Shingo finally got out the house and made his way through Vaniville Pathway,once reaching Aquacorde Town
"This place looks great....where do I go?"
Shingo asked himself as he wander through the town,with his Eevee trailing after him,suddenly a figure appears I'm front of Shingo
"You must be Shingo,Saisyu apprentice,I heard a lot about you"
Says the figure
"Who the-"
Shingo replies with confusion
"How rude of me,Let me introduce myself,the name Sycamore,Professor Sycamore"
Sycamore says as he smiles
"Nice to meet you!As you said ealier,In Shingo Yabuki!"
They both shake hands as they made way for a walk to get his starter
"I heard a lot about about you and your previous entries on the annual Pokemon King of Fighters tournaments"
Sycamore says
"Ah those tournaments?They put my skills to the test to the point of total insanity,and then there was the people behind it...."
Shingo replies with a sigh
"You mean the Orochi and NESTS? They both got destroyed thanks to the rest of the fighters,including you!"
Sycamore replies with a more cheery voice
Shingo just stayed silent as they both reached the lab and then enter,once inside they reach a table containing three pokemon.
"Shingo,you may have your Eevee with you as a companion but I'm giving you starter because you are beginning your journey and blah,blah,blah"
Sycamore yaks away as him to stood there completely silent.
"Enough of me yaking away,let choose your starter!"
he then shows three Pokemon:Fenniken,Froakie,and Chespin.
"Choose what you want!"
Sycamore says
Shingo gave a good look at the three pokemon and then set his eyes to Fenniken,who was staring at him with wonder.He then picks it up and says
"This one"
Sycamore gives him a strange look before letting out a laugh.
"Sure,go ahead!"
Sycamore says in a rather weirded out voice and gives him the pokeball and then gives a letter and the pokedex to shingo,who makes his way outside.
"Okay,come out Fenniken!"
Shingo exclaimed as he took out his pokeball and out pops fenniken.
Fenniken let's out as Shingo pets it.
"Good to have you on the team! Now let's go back home and give this letter to chiruzu and then were off!"
Back at the house,Shingo went upstairs and then hands the letter to chiruzu.
"Is this from Sycamore?
Chiruzu ask in confusion as she looks at it.
"It is..."
Shingo replies as he holding Fenniken on his arms.
"Oh....awww,that a adorable Pokemon you got there!"
Chiruzu says she scratches Fenniken chin,causing it to coo.
"Yep!I better get going!"
Shingo says as he runs downstairs and then makes his way to the next town.

End of chapter

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