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-Norian-: The People Of Norian

by __Black_Cat__

__Black_Cat__ This is information on the different species in my upcoming story thing. If anyone wants to make a cameo in this, hit me up g.
Terranials: The Terranial people are usually seen as hot-headed, hopeless romantics, with a very small diverse range of people. Not every Terranial is like this though.. For example, Havian -land based military leader- doesn’t hold any of these traits. The culture of the Terranial people is very harsh, always testing each other’s strengths. There isn’t too many crimes, -but when there is- it’s usually very, very brutal. Multiple lovers or going single for your whole life is fairly common in this culture. Once again, not everyone is like this in the Terranian culture. The name of the race ‘Terranials’ comes from the word ‘Terra’ which means land or territory, -or in science fiction- planet earth itself. The ‘n’ was just randomly added, and the ‘ial’ part comes from the word terrestrial, which means an ‘animal that lives on land.’ This is very important, because the Terranials can turn into their corresponding land animal. For example, Coric -leader of the air based military- can turn into an eagle.

Aquavodics: The Vodic people are usually seen as elegant, mature, and very wealthy. Once again, not everyone is like this in the water world. For example, Marina -Squid girl- is seen as very childlike, growing up in poverty stricken home. The culture of the Vodic people is very proper, bad behavior usually being looked down on. Women in this culture aren’t seen as very ‘high up’ depending on where you lived in the sea. In other areas though, women are usually a lot more respected than men. The name ‘Aquavodics’ comes from the words ‘Aquatics’ which is a plant or animal that lives in the water, and ‘voda’ which is water in Bulgarian. Just like every other species, the Vodic people can turn into their corresponding water animal. For example, King Kurpiel can turn into a Krab.

Abiterrantics: The Rantic people are usually seen as hard criminals, not being accepted into either society due to the war. To be completely honest, the Ambiterrantics are a perfectly stable race. They were only considered criminals because of their ability to live both on land and in the water. One person named Jurnok, really put the icing on top of the cake one day. Because he can go in both land and water, he was leaking private information to both sides. Due to his crimes, he was executed. Also because of Jurnok’s actions, all Ambiterrantic people were ordered to be slaughtered by both sides, pushing the race into constant hiding. Anyways, the culture used to be very friendly, but also somewhat strict. Pushing hardships onto each other, they made their race very strong. Now because of the constant fear of death brought on by the war, a new culture developed. Now nearly every one of the Abiterrantic people are forced into a life of crime. The extremely small population of Rantic’s who are not in the crime life, are extremely anxious and barely speak. An example of a criminal Rantic is Jur. Jur is part of a Cartel group, working as a simple hit man. He is cold and brooding, usually not returning home for weeks at a time. An example of an anxious Ambi, is Damien, Jur’s little brother. Both Jur and Damien can turn into Chinese giant salamanders. The name ‘Ambiterrantic’ comes from the word ‘Ambi’ which is a loanword from latin that means ‘both’. The ‘terra’ comes from ‘Terraninal’ and the ‘tic’ comes from the word ‘Aquatic’, which is used to make up the named ‘Aquavodic’.

Thank you guys for reading information on my species! My little story thing will be posted soon!