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Random Stuff from the PC (Plot Character) Corner: The PCs meet "The Wards" (For lack of a better name)

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
Nala the Alolan Ninetales (PC):*Looks at Alexander seductively* Hey.
Kuma the Emolga (PC): Don't you dare! I ship him with Vanna (@Lord Of Pain )
Cabrera: Hi!
Sawyer the Oshawott (PC): Hi!
Tori: Is it always like this?
Treble the Noibat (PC): Don't know. I usually tune them out.
Angel: Oh boy.
Donna:*Looks at Zazzy* You look fabulous!
Zazzy the Absol (PC):*Blushes* Thank you.
Lila:*Is very confused*
Paul the Pyroar (PC):*Is also confused*
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