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The ORAS What-If Story Pt. 2

by YoltLuigi

YoltLuigi Part Two of My Story
Thanks for MeliodasPokeHax for the choice of Pokemon
Kaleb picks up a pokeball, not knowing which Pokemon is in it. He yells, "Go, Pokeball!" Treecko comes out of the pokeball, and he stands in a cool stance. Kaleb says, "Treecko, use tackle." Treecko one hit KOs the Pokemon that was a Poochyena. The professor says, "Hey, you were great! Come by my lab in a few minutes." Kaleb goes to the lab after 3 minutes, and he sees May leave. Kaleb walks in and the professor says, "Hey, Kaleb! You do have your father's blood in you. How about you keep that Treecko." Kaleb asks, "Where is you daughter going?" The professor says, "She is going to go observe Pokemon, do you think you should see her. And my name is Professor Birch." Kaleb goes to where May is. May says, "Let's have a battle. I'll show you what Pokemon battling means. Go, Pokeball!"

TO BE CONTINUED............