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The One - Amourshipping

by Bellenette

Bellenette "Why do I look at her like that", Ash thought to himself as he stared at Serena. "She's my childhood friend, and yet I have a crush on her", Ash admitted to himself. "What are you staring at Ash", Misty asked even though she knew the answer and got slightly jealous.

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"Braixen, I'm going to tell him later", Serena said. "Brai Xenxen", Braixen said. "Thank you Braixen", Serena said.
"Serena, I have a surpise", Ash came in and said. "What is it", Serena asked. "Come and see", Ash said and he grabbed her hand and ran to show her. "This is Misty", Ash said happily. "Hi, I'm Serena", Serena said.
"Hey", Misty said uncaringly as she walked to Ash. "So how did you like Serena", Ash asked. "She was alright...", Misty said. "Alright?" Ash said. "She's fantastic!", Ash said. "Well I'm sorry I don't like your little girlfriend", Misty said annoyingly. "She's not my girlfriend, she's my childhood friend", Ash said. "Why don't you like her", Ash asked. "I don't like the way she looks at you", Misty replied. "What do you mean?" Ash asked densely. "She looks at you will admiration", replied Misty. "Hm", Ash made a noise that sounded kind of happy. "Do you like it?!" Misty exclaimed and then just walked away.

"Wow how nice was she, she seems like she is trying to steal MY Ash away", Serena said angrily. "Nobody will steal him from me...I'm being a bit greedy though", Serena thought to herself then shoved something off of her desk. "Serena are you okay", Ash said standing in the hall then entered her room. "Um Serena, has Misty been mean to you?", Ash said Seriously and touched the the top of her hand. "Well...no but she has been rude", Serena replied and slowly moved her hand away while blushing. "I'll have a talk with her, nobody should be picking on a nice girl like you", Ash said and then gave her a hug. Serena was used to receiving friendly hugs from Ash because over their journey they grew closer to one another. Serena felt at home when he embraced her. She deeply cared for him. "Thank you Ash for being the best friend I could ever have", Serena said while still being embraced. "No problem,Serena, anything for a friend", Ash said as they separated from the hug. "Hehe", Serena blushed and giggled as he left. "Braixen...today is my celebration for me being Kalos Queen and tomarrow morning Ash is leaving, and I am planning on telling him", Serena said. "Braibrai", Braixen said. "Yeah I know I'm in love with him", Serena said. "But you shall tell Frogadier how you feel also", Serena continued. Braixen just sighed.

The Celebration ~

Serena wore a dress. The blouse was white and ruffly, the skirts was pink, the belt was pink with a bow. She also curled her hair. "Wow, Serena", Ash said. "Wow what?" Serena said trying to get the answer she desired. "You look really nice", Ash replied. "Thank you", Serena said, blushing. Then Shauna walked towards Serena. "I can't believe you're the Kalos Queen, I'm so happy for you!" Shauna exclaimed. "Thanks", Serena said. Then Shauna wemt to talk to Aria, who had already spoken to Serena. "Congrats Serena!" Ash said. "Heh, you told me that about one thousand times!" Serena laughed. "Heh heh", Ash chuckled nervously and blushed FOR ONE OF THE TIMES IN HIS LIFE. "W-wanna dance", Ash stuttered. "Huh, yes, I'd love to", Serena said surprised and blushing a lot. Ash grabbed Serena by the wrist and danced gracefully with her. Serena blushed at the thought that they were- no they WERE hugging, his hand on her shoulder, just like in the forest, that same position. Serena felt Ash hold her tighter, and she blushed a lot bit she loved it a lot too. Misty suddenly saw them and got very jealous. So Misty shoved Serena.

Misty...how could you...just go!", Ash yelled. "Fine, bye", Misty yelled. "Are you okay?" Ash said as he carried Serena. "I'm fine", Serena said and stepped on the ground. They went to sit on a bench. "I'm sorry about misty...she has always gotten jealous over girls that like me", Ash said. "Once a girl kissed me, then a either a Latias or some other girl kissed me, Misty was pretty jealous", Ash said. "Serena", a familiar voice said. "Palermo?" Serena asked. "Congratulations on becoming the Kalos Queen I knew you had it in you the whole time!" Palermo said. "Thank you!" Serena said. "I'd like to talk with you privately", Palermo requested. "Ok ,sure", Serena replied. "Why do I look at her like that, she's my childhood friend", Ash thought to himself as he stared at Serena in her gown. "Why do I have a crush on her?" He asked himself. Misty saw him staring at got furious. She was thinking of a plan to sabotage Serena.

In the Morning~
Serena woke up and mamaged to awaken before Ash. She decided to make pokepuffs, macorons, and chocolate for Ash. She would save the box or chocolates for when he was about to leave. It was her way of confessing, it had a card and the chocolates had hearts on them and every dessert was extremely fancy. Then Serena put on a white sundress for the special occasion, it was similar to Jasmine's old sundress. Then Misty woke up and did something horrible. Misty was unseen then went to bed. "He's gonna love the chocolates", Serena said happily. "Hopefully he'll love everything...including", Serena blushed and daydreamed. She decided to help Ash and pack his bags for him, most of his belongings were already in his backpack though.

When Ash awoken~
"Hey who packed my bags fo me?!" Ash asked ssurprisingly. "I did", Misty lied in a sweet yet deceiving voice. "What, did she just say that, that stupid, little brat!" Serena thought in her head. "Actually, Ash...", Serena began. "What?" Ash asked. "I did, I packed your bags, I woke up very early", Serena said. "But Misty just said she did, are you lying", Ash stated. "No, I would never lie to you, you know me very well, I promise I'm not lying, Misty is", Serena said in a very sweet and honest voice. "Really, well actually I'm not surprised", Ash said. Misty heard everything, she was right next to them. "You little piece of garbage!"Misty yelled and slapped Serena. H-h-how c-c-could you", Serena choked out and cried. "MISTY!", Ash yelled. "Ash has a crush on you Serena, I could tell, he even told me", Misty snitched. "MISTY!!", Ash yelled. "Like I couldn't tell", Serena said. "Your a real jerk, you know that Misty, I'm sorry, but this is a love triangle", Serena said. "I may not be as aggresive as you, but I can say mean things, but I'd never hurt someone", Serena said, then ram out. "Serena wait", Ash said while tripping Misty. Serena was sitting in a corner, holding her knees crying. "Serena...", Ash said as he sat down in the corner in front of her. "What?"Serena looked up and noticed how close they're faces were. "Don't cry, people will pick on you all your life", Ash began. "Your a beautiful girl both inside and out", Ash said as he touched her cheek. "I-I am?" Serena said, blushing so much, she was trying to hold in the urge of kissing him, because they were so so close. They both stood up and Serena was leaning against the wall. "Your lovely", Ash said as he put his hands on her waist, kinda making Serena uncomfortable but she was enjoying it too. (BTW, they are 16 in this story) "I like you", Serena whispered and put her hands on the back of his neck. "I like you too", Ash said and kissed her on the lips. It was surprising to Serena but she kissed him back. After about 10 seconds they stopped amdthey were both awaken from the love "trance" they were in. "What just happened", Ash asked. "We fell in love", Serena replied. "Indeed", Ash said. "You have now!" Serena said 'cause the plane was at the airport. "Hey Serena...can you come with me?" Ash asked.

"I want to, but how will I explain this to my mother?" Serena replied. "I can't tell her that we just kissed, she told you to take care of me", Serena said. "Apparently in Bonnie's mind, "take care of" means girlfriend", Ash said. "What does that mean?" Serena said, shocked. "plus Bonnie is at Clemont's house with him". "I'll tell her that I want to be with you longer", Serena said bravely. "I think she knows that I like you anyway, I think..."Serena said. "Ok", he said as he hugged her.

Talking to Grace~
"Hi mom!" Serena said. "Y-you cut your hair", Grace said surprised. "Yeah, I felt like I needed a change", Serena said. "Anyway, I need to ask you something", Serena said. "I-is this about Ryhorn racing", Grace asked Serena. "No", Serena replied back in a sassy voice. "Then tell me", Grace commanded. "M-mom, I WANNA GO TO KANTO WITH ASH, TO VISIT", Serena yelled. "What!?" Grace exclaimed. "Nag...just kidding, you can go", Grace said. "Really!?" Serena exclaimed. "Of course I know how much you like Ash", Grace said. "Thanks mom, Love you, bye", Serena said. "Umm...Ash", Serena acted sad. "What, she said no huh?", Ash said. "No, I COULD GO", Serena yelled.
Serena's POV-

I still couldn't stop Ash from invading my mind when I entered the airport. It was too addictive.
Our kiss caused it all!

"Okay.. So, I'm supposed to go on a plane to Kanto..?" I asked myself, and looked around. My blonde hair got in the way and I pulled it behind my ear.

I mi didn't see Ash. Wasn't he supposed to be here? I guess he was late.
That still didn't stop me from eyeing a tall lady with a rather strange hair style and some sort of electric Pokemon standing near a trash can,
like she was looking for someone.

"Excuse me, are you lost?" I gave her my "big eyes."
"No, no, just rather confused. When is the plane to Kanto taking of?" She asked cluelessly.
"In about in hour, ma'am. It's 9:30 so about 10:30 or so," I whipped around, getting ready to glance at Ash but he wasn't there.

"Hold it! What's your name?" She sounded pretty strict, so I thurbed around and said, "Serena, ma'am."

"Well, "Serena," thank you. I'm Alexa, I work for the Lumiose press." She beamed. Alexa seemed nice.

"I'm glad I could help. By the way, have you seen a guy named Ash? He's supposed to be here..but..." "Oh yeah, remember me, we met before at Viola's gym", Alexa said. "Oh yeah huh, silly me", I said scratching the back of my head. "So did you ever confess?", She asked me giving a happy wink. "Yeah...", I said. "How did it go?", Alexa asked. "Great", I said blushing a lot. "What happened ", she asked with a startled face. "W-w kissed...", I said nervously, my whole face red. "Wow, congrats", Alexa set and and pat my shoulder. "Yeah...it happened unexpectedly, but it was great", Serena said. "First kiss huh?" Alexa said. "Yeah, he said his to even though girls kissed him out of the blue", Serena said. "Hey Alexa, Serena we gotta go", Ash said . "Bye!", Alexa said. They said bye.

Here we are, Kanto", Ash said. "It's gorgeous" ,Serena said as the wind blew in her face. "Not as gorgeous as you", Ash said and hugged her, they both blushed. "I love you", Serena said as she hugged tighter. "I love you too", he replied back.

At Ash's house~
"Mom!?" Ash yelled as he came into his house. "Ash?" His mom said sincerely. "Who is she, I see you brought a girl!" Ash's mom said happily . "Oh she is my childhood friend,and uh mom can I tell ya something?" Ash said. "Yeah", his mom replied. "I uh...well...she is my girlfriend", Ash said very nervously. His mom stood there stunned. "Oh my Ashy is growing up so fast, he already has another girl in his life, since you are 16, I guess you can", Ash's mom replied happily but crying and squeezed Ash. "Hi, Mrs.Ketchum", Serena said. "Oh she is a keeper", his mom squeeled.

20 years later~
(They are 36) "Awww, Isn't she so cute, our little Chloe", Ash said while holding his 2 week old baby. "Yes", Serena said and kissed Ash on the cheek.


Hi Readers! I had lots of fun making this, and I hope you enjoyed this fanfic! Plz tell me what cha think! Also, Give credit to the other awesome author who helped me write this!

~ Brie (⌒_⌒;)
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