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the nijare pokemon skwad of doom: the nijare pokemon skwad of doom part 1

by revlek

revlek a new bread of evil is about to awake & it kneads know harrows of a defund bread .
a yang but made & evil doctor was in his basement using twelve different kinds of Pokémon & human blued in an tempt to create a new bread of Pokémon . that would be part human & he would have succeeded to if it haunt pine fore his ex wife culling the police about a very bad smell .a smell so fall that it would have curled even the strongest mans now's hares & yet has the hansom yang was being carted a way in a straitjacket a per pull & black stripy hand was coming out of the ruboll fold by ratta & zorua how's heads wear attach on to the same bode the bode of a female a human female how was wearing a whit skirt . the first of meney to come .
  1. Kaben and Madeleine
    Kaben and Madeleine
    So scary but awsome:arr:
    Apr 22, 2016