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The Night I Turned Into A Baby Part 1

by platinum aurora

platinum aurora This story is about how I a young furry turns into a baby.
The night I turned into a baby.

Chapter 1

Day 1

It is not easy being a baby I mean whatever it was being in a pink dress and to be wearing something that resembles a child or person with no age. At first you are a college student at the age of 35 years old come home to enjoy a nice lunch and end up to being a 3 year old or less diaper wearing, binky sucking, diaper wetting and diaper messing infant and it’s a nightmare and to… you know what here is the full story.

It was 1:00pm in the afternoon after a day of hard work and lectures at the west canine and jackal college and since summer is finally here I decided to kick back and enjoy every moment of it. I reach at the house well it’s my parents’ house mine is getting refurbished and I’m staying there until then so I went to the kitchen and saw absolutely nothing except a plate covered and a note saying

“For James it was made 5 minutes before you came home and you can eat it if you want but wash the dish after you’ve finished your meal and take a rest on the couch”

10 minutes after the meal and washed the plate I stumbled over to the couch and with an appetite satisfied and a belly well full I dosed off quickly. 1 hour since I ate me felt quite ill as if I was nauseous and my stomach felt like everything was going to come right back up. I got up and my vision was hazy, my body felt like a candle losing its size when I looked in the televisions reflection I can see myself getting more and more shorter and I felt something on my behind that scared me.

Further into the day I heard a crinkle and a soft not cloth but the feeling of a soft cloud. When the effects of whatever was done I stumbled over to the mirror which was from roof to floor and in my sight a baby tee with a pacifier attached, and not an underwear but a diaper that had mickey mouse cartoon on the entire diaper and my stomach felt like I have a water pipe ready to burst. And then she walked in my sister Nana, she had a smile that meant this was her doing and her hand moving like one of those bad guys from those late night cartoons I watch every night.

She picked me up and said

“Who is the cutest little baby in the world you are, you are”

To my point of view the look on her face meant that she did this and if I could do anything I would punch her in the face but on with the story.

She took me to the kitchen and sat me down on the counter and said

“Who’s the hungry baby, who’s the hungry baby?”

I was not hungry, (grooowl) yes I was, so she pulled out a bottle with a nipple and inside had milk that seem to be freshly made, she place it in the microwave and warmed it for 10 minutes (grooowl) again with my stomach, hungry and confused that I’m a baby again that cannot happen and that can’t be possible.

The microwave opened up with a ding and the milk came out warm, placed a few drops on the back of her hand and noted that it was warm or good. She picked me up, cradled me and placed the bottle in my mouth I had no choice (growl) the sound of my stomach meant that I was satisfied so I drank it all up. When I was finished I came out with a slight whimper (gurrrgle) my stomach was hurting me then Nana said

“Oh did my little one needs to burp”

I know when a child’s stomach starts to hurt that means they have trapped gas. Nana placed me on her shoulder and gave me a few pats on the back and with this slow gurgle (gurrrgle) out came this burp (BURP). After that she took me to the living room and place me on the floor with some toys and told me

“Sit here and play with the little toys while sister watch some TV”

To my point of view I really wanted to leave but as I’m play I felt like I wanted to use the bathroom but as I’m about to ask so I felt a warm feeling on the crotch of my diaper and in embarrassment I cupped the wet area but I knew that my body was not done. A low gurgle came from my stomach (gurgle) and the pain I felt in my stomach was like a river of bad luck, in a powerful grunt the back of my diaper had a meter that notified if my diaper was full and the needle went from E as in empty to F as in full and the smell was net pleasant.

Nana watched me and said with the voice of someone who cared

“Did someone have a full diaper, let’s get that mess off of your butt”

She picked me up and brought me to the nursery, paced me on the changing table and grabbed the powder, baby oil, a fresh diaper and the wipes. She sat me down on the table and so I landed with a SQUISH and left, in about 10 minutes she came back with a bottle full of milk and placed it on the table then lay me down and started to un-tape the dirty diaper and then she moved her head back as she tried to avoid the smell. Pulling out the wipes she wiped my butt clean and then added baby oil, and powder and grabbed the fresh new diaper and throw away the old dirty one. After putting me in a clean diaper so she grabbed the sleeper I didn’t want to sleep as yet but I yawned which meant that I was tired.

Placing a pacifier into my mouth and laying me down into my crib so I fell asleep and Nana left the room and before turning off the light so she said “Goodnight James” I sucked on my pacifier and went to sleep.

To be continued

Chapter 2 coming soon

Kyle Victor Bique