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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: The New Sinnoh Region

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel was just crowned Champion of New Hoenn, but trouble comes, as Miracle and Cynthia come to interrupt his victory with a news about Rigent, the evil man that holds the powers of the Regis and is headed to New Sinnoh to summon Regigigas.
"So you going with us" Miracle asked me. "I'm going to change clothes first" I said. I quickly went to the store and bought some clothes slightly similar to Miracle's Detective clothes, but different colors. "Ready" I said. "Get in" Cynthia said. A airplane began to come down. "This is the Protector" Miracle said. "This is my airplane to travel the world and solve crimes, ready" she said. "Sure" I said. Miracle, Cynthia and I entered the Protector and flew to New Sinnoh. "What do you know about Rigent's plans" I asked. "We know that he wants Regigigas, but for what, not sure yet" Miracle said. "Legends say that Regigigas had three keys, Regirock, Registeel, and Regice, and was blocked from Humanity in Snowpoint City" Cynthia said. "I have read that Regigigas moves Continents but also makes them" I said. "Maybe Rigent wants his own Continent to rule over it" I said. "That might not be a bad theory" Miracle said. "I'll bet that is it" Cynthia said. We soon began landing in New Sinnoh but suddenly the engine broke down and we landed in a route a little far away from Snowpoint. "This was made by a Pokémon" Miracle said looking at the engine. "We will head on until you fix these" Cynthia said. "Let's go" I said and we began to move. I saw many ice types and it began to get cold as well. "Snover" a pokemon said. "I wann catch it" I said. "Go Monferno use Fire Punch" Snover managed to move quick and attack with Vine Whip. Monferno once more. Monferno's ability activated and Fire Punch ko Snover. "GO pokeball" I said. it move 1,2,3 and was caught. I had left all my pokemon except for Medicham and Monferno with Prof. Birch. We continued walking along the road...
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