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A New Journey: The New Journey: A Shiny Pikachu

by Peachy Ace

Peachy Ace Ahh! Sorry I'm soo late to this! I've been RP Crazy again! Soo Sorry, once again!

This Chapter is for @CW0113

I had 12 chapters already written, butbI accidently deleted them all. Note to self: Never write Multiple Storys on 1 document.
Amethyst sighed. "Ok, how bout this. Let me ware your Scarf, and I'll leave you alone." Amethyst smiled. Midnight frowned. "Look, I'm not letting you, or anyone with my Scarf. No matter how tempting your deals may be." Midnight sighed. Amethyst groaned. "So we're going to play greddy huh?" She asked. She grabbed Midnight's Scarf, Midnight slightly noticing. Amethyst had the Scarf wrapped around her neck. She smiled. "It's so warm." She smiled. Midnight frowned. Amethyst! Give it back!" Midnight growled. He pouncednon the Espeon, he was standing over her. Amethyst smiled. "Alright, I'll give back the Scarf, in exchange for a hug." She smiled. Midnight groaned. He jumped away from Amethyst. "I think I'll pass." Midnight groaned, turning away. Amethyst sighed. "Aww come on, what's so bad about a hug?" She asked. She stood up on her paws, then she looked around. Baron and Paisley were asleep next to a tree, Midnight still facing away. She groaned. "I'm going to look for some firewood. It's getting dark." She sighed, then walking off. Midnight sighed. "Great, now she's off with my Scarf." Midnight frowned. He turned back to Amethyst, she disappeared. "Nope, Nope, Nope. Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, soo much Nope!" He repeated. He jumped on Baron. Although he was strong he sure was a scary cat.

Amethyst smiled. She picked up branched with her tail, humming a tune. "Tell me, how you're sleeping easy. How you're only thinking of yourself. Duh Duh, Duh Duh." She hummed. She stopped singing her tune after hearing a branch snap. She turned around in haste. There was no one around. She frowned. She picked up more firewood, now being aware of her surroundings. She frowned, hearing footsteps, other than her own. She stopped her branches, looking around quickly. She heard thumping, it got faster and faster, louder and louder. She cowered in fear. She was shaking, before she yelled. "MIDNIGHT!"

She opened her eyes to find a Pikachu. This Pikachu wasn't a regular one though. He was more reddish, than other Pikachu. He was in a state of panic. "No, Shhhhh!" He growled, he placed his paw on Amethyst's mouth, having her shut up. Amethyst calmed down, then let out a sigh. "Oh thank Arceus." She sighed. She pulled away from the Pikachu then sighed. "Um, who exactly may you be? " She asked.

The shiny sighed. "Ugh, not now! I have to be somewhere!" He groaned. Before he dashed off he turned back to Amethyst. He used Iron Tail, slapping a tree. The tree dropped a Pineco. Amethyst stood confused at the Pokemon, that was until the Pineco used Self Destruct. Amethyst sighed. "Oh, you sneaky Pikachu!" She growled. An explosion appeared, leaving both Pokemon fainted. The Pikachu smiled. "I knew it, Pineco surround this forest! Looks like this is a minefield." He frowned. He dashed off, leaving no trace behind.

Midnight heard the explosion, then ran over. "Amethyst? Are you there?" He asked. He turned to two fainted Pokemon, Pineco and Amethyst. "Oh Arceus." He frowned. He walked over to the fainted Espeon. He grabbed the Scarf first, wrapping it back around his neck, then grabbed Amethyst, placing her on his back. He used Psychic picking up the dropped firewood, the sighed. "What happened to you?" He asked, walking back.

He set the fire, using two rocks, then sighed, watching the fire grow. He smiled. "Sweet Relief." He smiled. He turned to Amethyst, then sighed. He walked over, lying beside her. He placed his leg around her. "There's your hug." He smiled, then turned to Amethyst's ear. It had a scar. "Man, who did this to you?" He questioned. Instead of messing around, he slowly fell asleep again.
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