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by GoldenPath

GoldenPath Chapter 3: "WELCOME TO UNOVA"
Elena came fast as possible to home without realizing that a weird presence followed her from the meeting with Professor Birch.
- Come back guys. (Elena returned Drake and Hendrix to their Pokéballs before going home), Megan, Hello! (Elena greeted her mother's Meganium who was watering the plants in the garden and went home) .
- Honey, you're late, are 11:25, we have to get to the port with your father at 11:45 , so pick your stuff and put it into the trunk of the car.
- I put everything before going to buy, Mom I got to tell you something that happened to me on the way here.
- It was something serious?!. -No, but.
-Tell me on the way to Unova dear, sorry, I try to hurry. - Okay mom but.
- Go and tell your sister that we're leaving (Martha said kissing Elena's cheek).

They leave their home. Arriving at the port, Elena sat with her sister on the boat, she noticed that Elena was very serious and nervous at the same time, but she said nothing. Hours passed as they were entering Unova, Luke began to feel a strange force that alerted him and immediately looked out of the room waking Elena.
- Luke, what happens ?. -Oluu! Olu! (Luke pointed to the sky), Elena ran out the room, managed to see for a seconds a big white Pokémon flying near clouds, (Elena smiled).
- This will be a great start Luke.
- Attention passengers from Hoenn, we have arrived at your destination, please sit down and wait for our captain to stop the boat, the output is from that direction, thank you very much for traveling with us (said the staff of the boat). Getting off the boat, Robert, Elena's father, went for the bags with the help of his Gengar's psychic.
-Elena, this suitcase is too heavy, what it have? (Robert said, carrying an Elena's suitcase).
-My clothes are in there, dad.
-Hello!, How long family! (a cry was heard in the distance).
- Huh?, Henry, brother! (Elena ran to hug Henry) Cheesy !, Buddy! (Henry hug Elena and Luke). -Honey!. -Hello mom, hello sister ... Dad.
So much time son, I know everything that happened ... I'm very proud of you (Robert gave him a pat on the back to Henry). It must have cost a lot of work, brother. 'Of course, haha, well family ... welcome to Castelia city, Unova! ... Our new home.
All get into Henry’s car and go to Henry's house, Elena's family gonna live while the house they bought Elena's parents will be ready.
- Wow honey, your house is very nice (Martha said as they walked down the suitcases).
-Thanks mom, oh! let me help you, Go, Tyranitar!
-¡Tyranitar! (Elena screamed)
-Did you remember Pupitar ?, well ...he evolves, Tyranitar can you help Elena to carry her bags to the second guest room? (Tyranitar took all the bags to the guest room, including the weird heavy suitcase). After accommodated all the luggage in the corresponding rooms, they sat down to eat the delicious food cooked by Bisharp and Henry.
It really is a pleasure to see you again family, things have been happened around here lately, but it is worth to say that Unova is a beautiful place, full of adventures.
- Actually ... I spent a lot of things before coming here, I guess it's a good sign (Elena said taking a sip of her drink).
-What Things Elenis? (Robert asked).
-Well dad, I met your old friend, Professor Birch and he gave me a Pokémon !.
-What?!, A Pokemon?! (Henry said), I have an idea, show it in a Pokémon battle.
-What?! against you?!, but ... .
- Come on, don't be scared, it will only be to show your power.
-It's a great idea dear, try it (Martha insisted).
-Besides you have to prepare yourself, remember that you will go to Cheren's trainer school, you have to go prepared.
-Of course I remember, well, let's do it !.
After dinner, Henry and Elena went to the garden to face a practice Pokémon battle.
-What Pokémon do you think that Birch has given to Elena? (Martha asked as she watched from the window).
-Probably an special Pokémon, he knows the family and their accomplishments, Elena is good in battles but she don't want to accept ... the victory runs through her veins (Robert said with a tone of pride).
- Are you ready Cheesy? - Yes, I think.
-Well, go Bisharp!. -Bisharp! (Bisharp, sociable, took a step forward on the battlefield).
- Drake, this will be the second battle that we are together and finally you gonna meet my family, ready Drake?, I choose you! (Elena launched Pokéball).
-Mudkip! Mud!. (Drake emerged from the Pokeball with a proud smile).
-Mudkip Huh?!, This is fantastic!, Cheesy begins!.
-Water gun!. (Bisharp evaded the attack in the blink of an eye), dammit !, is too fast.
-Bisharp, Slash!. -Drake, water gun into to his eyes!.
- No, you will not sister, Bisharp double team!. -Where is the real?!, Drake, hurry up, water gun on all clones (Drake using water gun in all clones, but only had two left when of nowhere two mud shot hit the real Bisharp). -What the hell was that?! (Said Henry surprised).
-The Bushes!, Drake c'mon!.
-Wait! (Henry said coming slowly to the bushes) ... the Pokémon dug and escaped.
-What Pokémon could be?.
- Any Pokémon, many of them can use dig, anyway, the battle ends here, you can't touched Bisharp, but he couldn't touch Drake, it's a draw, Bisharp come back (Bisharp return to his Pokéball)... you're amazing sis and you too Drake (Henry smiled).
The days passed, three to be exact. Elena's parents had already organized everything to change Elena to the trainers school so it was the last night at home. It was 2:15 a.m, when...
-No Wait! (Elena shouted scared waking Luke) -Oluu? (Luke approached Elena to make sure it was good).
-Thanks Luke, sorry to wake you, I went back to dream with Alan ... and his Charizard ... I can't shake of the head that battle I had with him ... I also believe that I'm very nervous about the trainers school and the White Pokémon got me thinking ... I'm so afraid Luke.
After that, the alarm rang, but when Elena was trying to get up could not, there was something very heavy on her legs.
-Ahhh! a Pokémon! Luke help me! (Elena shouted and she woke Luke, Drake and the Pokémon). The Pokémon reacted and jumped out of bed, but didn't know what to do and began to look desperate at all sides.
- C'mon! Dont let it escape guys (Luke and Drake jumped to the Pokémon, but the Pokémon use mud shot in the face of Luke, so Luke bumped with Drake), That Pokémon… I think I know it… Oh damn! It’s an Aron! What are he or she doing here?!. ´
Aron looked into the eyes of Elena and stood still for a second. Elena tried to approach it but Luke pushed it and caused fear in Aron, so it jumped out the window and escaped.
- It ran away ... luckily the window was open, but ... how the hell it entered without anyone noticing?, how?, how he escaped so easily? anyway, thanks Luke.
Elena rushed to bathe and dress, also bathed Luke and Drake, packed her clothes and the Pokémon's things, breakfast and finally said goodbye to each of the Pokémon of his family.
- Dear ... today begin a new adventure, I'm sure you'll love school, you're gonna make new friends, meet a lot of Pokémon and improve your battle skills and how about you ... I know you can do it very well ... I'm gonna miss you so much, my life (Martha hugged Elena).
- Me too mom, now nobody will prepare us those delicious wuaffles haha.
-Little sister ... I will miss you, be sure to come see us once in a while, good luck, and for you little ones (Liah embraced Elena and Pokémon).
-Cheesy, now you start another adventure, as Mom says, you will become very strong, you gonna make some friends, you don't know the surprises that await you after that sister.
- I'm going to miss you brother, the good thing is that I can already see you very often.
- And when you're ready come the best ... bye Cheesy, dad is waiting outside in the car. -
Bye bye family ... guys, I'll miss you (Elena said goodbye to all Pokémon).
Elena took her bags and left home, her father was waiting to help with luggage, but she felt a lump iher throat and ran to hug her father.
- Everything will be fine Elenis, I promise, by the way ... did you know if you need a minimum are two Pokémon for the class you will have and the degree to which you are?.
- Yes ... I have Luke and Drake.
- Well, there is someone who wants to go with you and start this adventure... (Elena looked at the front door, and there was Hendrix). Elena tearfully ran to hug Hendrix, he hugged her and gave to her a handkerchief as was characteristic of Elena putting something to their Pokémon. Elena put him the green bandanna, his father approached them and gave the Pokéball to Elena.
- I'm sure both will discover many things together, with Luke and Drake ... you still have much to learn about the marvelous Pokémon.
During the trip Elena told her father how she met Professor Birch, Luke's battle against Salamence, Drake's battle against Hariyama, but for some reason didnt want to tell him about the battle against Alan and the gift of Professor Birch. ´
-Well guys, we have come, Aspertia city ... and this is your starting school today, Cheren's trainer school.
-Wow!, it's huge and very nice, but I'm still very nervous.
- Don't worry Elena, today there is no class work, so I bring you this day for only goest to know the school, settle in your room and your classes start tomorrow.
-Thanks God, we have time to prepare us, right Luke?.
- Well, hurry up, I carry heavy suitcases. Elena and Robert entered the front office to wait for Cheren.
- Mr. Robert !, happy to see you here, welcome, you must be Elena, right ?.
- Yes, and he is Luke.
- Nice to meet you (Cheren said patting Luke).
- How long Cheren, my son has been telling me about you and he really recommended your school to Elena.
- Thank you sir, I'm grateful that you have chosen my school to prepare these guys, let me help you with the bags (Cheren took some bags and gave them a brief tour of the school), as you can see, our facilities include Battlefields for the class of Pokémon training, we also have basic subjects such as literature, mathematics, languages, chemistry, among others, those two huge buildings are dorms of students, that's for the boys and the other for the girls, students can have their Pokémon out whenever they want except school hours in the classroom, no girls allowed in the boy's buildings from 8 in the evening and the same applies to the boys, classes start at 9 am and end at 4 pm, Pokémon battles are not permitted after hours class and not allowed inside the premises, on weekends students are allowed to leave school to go home with the family or staying in school.
- Can we go somewhere and then return to sleep at school? (Elena asked).
-Of course, but that only on weekends, these buildings are the rooms, that over there is where is the school library, laboratory, etc. and below it's my gym Pokémon, where trainers come to challenge me to win their medal, any doubt ?.
-No, thank you very much, and you Elena?.
-I have one, what is my room?.
- Is the A-506, I'll take you as we accompany your father to the exit.
After the tour, Elena said goodbye to his father with a big hug and Cheren took her to his room that apparently no one, but was cheerfully decorated.
-This is your room, tomorrow you begin your normal classes, this is the list of the classrooms where you are registered. -Thank You.
-Any questions you have you can find me in my office (Cheren said leaving the room).
- Look Luke, this will be our room for three years, let's put my things in order.
It took 20 minutes and Elena had already settled half their belongings, but someone came unexpectedly.
-Huh ... Hello, I'm Elena and... this is my Riolu... Luke (Elena said blushing).
-Hi Elena, my name is Yuki and... this is my partner Dewott... Samurai, It's nice to meet you...( Yuki Shake Elena’s Hands).
-Oh! wow! I never seen a Dewott before! It's wonderful!. Nice to meet you Yuki, amm this is your room too?.
- Yes it's my room. (Yuki said Smile) It's good to see you Elena.
-Then ..., You are my new roomie! (Elena jumped out of bed), apology my wild behavior is that just I come as 1 hour at this school, I'm new here and Professor Cheren assigned me to this room with you and I'm really nervous.
- It's okay, you don't have to be nervous, I'm really happy to be your roomie. (Yuki said Smile).
-Thanks (Elena smiled), I don't meet anyone here ... hey! you could help me! leading me to these rooms, I took a tour but very fast. Please?.
-Sure Elena. (Yuki said smile). -Really?!, Thank you!.
-Elena, I can bring you to meet the school. (Yuki said Smile), but first I have to see Ris.
-Are you free now? You're not busy? (Elena asked).
-Yes I’m free to show you my friend Ris (Yuki said Happy) I’m not busy..., let’s go. (Yuki cry a little).
-Cool! Thanks Yuki, c'mon Luke (Elena said holding Luke's hand).
Elena and Yuki went to look for Ris to the main cafeteria and show the school to Elena.-Oh no, Yuki is delayed ... again (Ris said looking at his watch), what you say if we going to the library while she comes, Shadow? ... wait ... she is Yuki?. -Ris Hey! (A voice was heard in the distance), phew finally, I regret the little delay.
-Little Delay ?, 30 minutes late.
- I'm sorry!, is that I met my new roomie ... (Yuki looked around) where is she? ¿Samurai, where did she go?.
-Deewwott (Samurai shrugged).
-Yukiii! wait for me! (Elena cried approaching them), sorry, I was watching an exhibition of paintings in the central courtyard of the school.
- Haha okay, she is Elena, my new roomie and her friend Luke, Elena he is Ris my best friend.
- Hello Elena, gladly, he is my partner, Shadow.
- Much like Ris, gladly Shadow ... I never seen a Pokémon like him.
-Oh sorry, I come from Kalos, it's a unique Pokémon in that region, by the way, your Riolu looks very strong, I'd want a fight with you.
- ... I'd like but that's not prohibited fighting inside school?.
-Yes, but ... in what battle class you are registered?.
-Haha Unlucky Ris, Elena is in the same class as I am, so you have to wait the weekend to combat her, mmm let me see your list (Yuki analyzed the list that Cheren had given to Elena), you're in math class with both, in battle class with me, literature ... with any of us , basic knowledge with Ris, chemistry with both of us, just we have to see what workshop we'll get. Let's get to tour the school and the halls (Yuki said thrilled).
-And where are you from Elena? ( Ris asked).
-Well, I come from the region of Hoenn, something removed from here, I just moved to Unova few days ago, to live for a while with my brother, you know, when my parents bought our house.
-And you caught recently that Riolu? (Yuki asked).
-Oh no no, Luke has been my partner for 3 years ago.
-But there aren't Riolus in Hoenn, it's impossible (Ris reproached).
- It's a long story, well, five years ago my dad ...
Elena, Ris and Yuki talked for hours while they giving a tour of the school. They ate in the main cafeteria and at 8 pm the girls went to they bedroom to prepare for what would be the Elena's first day of classes.
- It was a great day, no? (Yuki smiled). -Yes, although school starts tomorrow, I'm nervous. - You should,t be, you got me, Ris and our Pokémon, better take a rest, tomorrow is a new day Elena, good night. -Yeah...you're right... good night (Elena turn off the lights).
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