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The Limbo Angel

by The paper bag Kid

The paper bag Kid "The legend is so confusing Professor!, I mean how can you even Activate Your powers When You can't even Help yourself!"
"most things are just fake, but You all have your powers so that means Maybe one of these days, You may become this Angel."

years ago When the sun and moon Were in a Terrible war and There people fought along side of there Leaders, The leaders Symbolized Life and death and it Only made things worse. During there Many fights Something changed. Time seemed a bit different from memory and the atmosphere felt blank. The moon and sun had to meet in one of there castles that were connected and speak to the Kids of the mirror. "O Kid's of the mirror What have we done to are world to make it seem so Cold and Quiet" A child's voice came through the mirror with the sound of the wind blowing like a harsh winter storm. "Your Childish acts have made a Hole in your two's sun and moon" The Sun and moon looked at each other worried. "What is it? can we fix it?" The moon pounded his Angry dead fist on The Cold wall which the mirror Was hung upon "WHY DID THE PROPHECY BOOK NOT SEE THIS?" the mirror Stood Quite Before giving a answer "The book of the Prophecy can only Obtain Event's that have already happened, We are dearly sorry Sun and moon. "Sun covered his mouth and stood there a moment before Turning to his brother, Moon looked angry and seemed Stressed, Sun Understood the feelings For he knew as well that they have to wait until something happens. One day A family of the villagers came running To sun and moons castle, They had told them that In between were the dark forest meets And the Sun Meadow meet That there Is a large patch of white and grey with a Flower wilting away in the middle. The two Brothers Hear the news and quickly hurry there, They see The patch and look at it closely Examining for clues. When Sun noticed something he quickly addressed it "The flower is dying and yet.." The moon quickly chimed in as well "..Its blooming?.." The flower open'd with a Hazzy White and red Gem In the middle of the bud of the flower. They carefully pick it up together with hands held and bring it to the Kids of the mirror, "We have found this" Stated moon as he looked deep into the mirror. "..This might be the start of the universes clash between your two meanings, i am sorry once again sun and moon but we still have to way to See into the future we are deeply sorry." Sun frowned and turned to his brother patting his back "Brother it will be fine.." he forced a smile with a kind gentle voice "there is only so much time and us we can do.." The moon was once even more angry And pushed his brother away with Brutal force. "Then that means we will DIE KNOWING NOTHING FOR ARE FUTURE UPCOMERS." he stomped his foot and his long dark boots made the loud clicking noise as he walked away on the marble floor with his brother Quickly running after him. When it was time for the Upcomers festival they still had no clue what was happening to there reality and world. As the two laid next to each other holding hands, they both caressed each other face and replied "In due time brother.." And there souls ascended to there True purpose,

The gods of life and death.
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