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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Future: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Future Part 3

by Champion Knight

Champion Knight Link meets his great- grandad, the first hero.....
Part 3: The Ancient Hero

Linken arrives in Labyrinna at night and decides to stay a night at the local hotel. The Hero of Hyrule heads to bed heavy with questions and where Fi is.

" If only I could see into the Future. If only I could look through time to see where Zant took Fi." Link said to himself. " In a pickle I see.... I've been there kid.". A ghostly figure appeared, wearing some rusty armor, a rusted sword that looked like the Master Sword, and his body was a gray skeleton with an eyepatch. " Who are you!?" Link yelled " Get away!". " Relax kid, I'm not gonna hurt you." The ghost said. " You're voice, I-it sounds like my dad's voice." Link said. " Of course, you are my decendant you know.."

After walking with his "ancestor" outside, Link said " So you fought Zant?". " Indeed I did, he was given power by Ganondorf. My friend however, killed him before he could surrender." The ghost said. " I was the first owner of the Master Sword, the Hero of Twilight.".

"Okay Hero of Twilight, tell me how to find Zant." Link said. "Well, the Master Sword may have lost its magical powers, but if you go into the Temple of Time in north Labyrinna at a specific time.... You can go into the past and future to see where Zant is and what he'll do in the future." The Hero of Twilight said.

" I'd recommend going there at sunrise, the temple changes depending on which time you enter it.". " Kay great-gramps, guess I need to wait." Link said walking away. " One more thing." The Hero of Twilight stopped Link. " There are rumors of two Gerudo witches patrolling the city of Labryinna, I reccomend you stay alert at all times.". " I will.... I won't fail you!". Link headed off. "See you later Linken, till we meet again."