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The Legend of Lugia

by Swampert "Beef Cake" Poke

Swampert "Beef Cake" Poke
Lugia, a Pokemon driven from its home by a lightning bolt, being blamed for the death of three Pokemon it fled. It took a path towards the sea, where its storms could hurt no one. All the while, it causes storms in the colonies of Olivine and Ciannawood, effectively gaining hatred as it seeks a new home. Riots formed, they attempted to shoot down the Pokemon. Their guns were primitive, and didn't have much accuracy to them. The colonies resorted to the enslavement of many Pokemon, the colonies of Olivine and Ciannawood began to war over who feasts on the flesh of poor Lugia. Lugia overheard the plans, and motivation for war. He attempted to stop the Pokemon from killing each other, but the blood shed did not stop. The land of Jhoto was no longer peaceful. The colony of Newbark teamed up with the colony of Goldenrod. Ciannawood signed a treaty of alliance with Olivine. The four colonies fought for a total of fifty years. The entire region was ravaged with war. It was commonplace to find the deceased bodies of soldiers, and sadly, Pokemon. Lugia could bear no more fighting, he was all alone to rule the Jhoto region, as the coward Ho-Oh fled as soon as the war began. Lugia made one swift movement, and with a great storm, he wiped out the colonies. The people, and most of the Pokemon, they were gone. Lugia has restored peace to the region, or so he thought. A great deal of reinforcements from the Old World (Kanto) have arrived and started the fighting again, but this time, as a team against Lugia. Ho-Oh had returned from an unnamed land (Hoenn) when he heard the news from the Frozen Heart, Articuno. Ho-Oh saw this to be his chance to gain the love of many people and Pokemon, he saved the souls of the deceased people and Pokemon. Ho-Oh then attacked Lugia once he knew the people loved him enough to protect him. Lugia was surprised his brother would do such a thing to him!
"Brother, why have you forsaken me!" cried lugia from afar.
"I will rule this region, brother." Ho-Oh responded. "AND THY SHALL NOT GET IN MY WAY!"
Ho-Oh Attacked with a mighty flamethrower attack. Then a thunderbolt attack. Lugia, being weakened from trying to stop a full blown war, falls to his near death. Lugia rests in a blocked off location for two years, regaining his strength for his revenge. He wakes up and immediately makes his way to Brass Tower in the colony of Ecruteak. On his way, he could see that Ho-Oh still had not stopped the war. Lugia thinks to himself, "Ho-Oh, my wicked brother, what have thy been doing this past two years?" Suddenly, Lugia is hit by a cannon ball. Lugia cries out in pain, and almost loses his balance. He has had enough, he still cares for the human race, but he will no longer tolerate this nonsense. He gives his assailant a powerful hydropump attack. He proceeds to Brass Tower, where he finds Ho-Oh living in luxury.
"Welcome back brother!" Ho-Oh remarks sarcastically.
"ENOUGH!" Lugia retorts. "Thyn Foolishness has nearly got me killed." Lugia exclaimed. "My foolishness? Art thow stupid?" Ho-Oh retorted.
"You have brought this on yourself, you should know humans are to thick to see thow true intentions" Ho-Oh states
"I care for the slow witted beasts, and Pokemon alike, Ho-Oh, my wicked brother, why do you not feel the same?" Lugia pleads
"I care not for foolish creatures, they live to serve us. . . I mean me, as you are hated around here." Ho-Oh's taunting has gone far enough, Lugia has a hatred built up inside of him now. Gun shots are being fired at him, the only way he is still alive is the move recover.
"I bring you fools rain for crops, and this is how you repay me!" He shouted
"SO BE IT!" Lugia angrily cries He flaps his wings, a heavy storm is brewing. People still firing shots at him, are being swept away by the winds of wrath. Lugia is angry, making the winds, and clouds angry. Rain drops, heavy enough to crack skulls, begin to drop. They soon transform into a blizzard, with a mixture of snow and hail about the size of a PokeBall. Legends say the temperature region wide was nearly -120 that day, people dropped dead from Hypothermia. Lugia gave one last attack to his wicked brother. He used a powerful hydropump attack. He flies to Whirl Islands, and plunges deep into the ocean, finding an underwater reservoir deep in the cave system. He spends the rest of his days there, plotting revenge against his brother, and the filthy humans. He remains only a legend, and a scary tale told to mischievous children in Olivine. It is said that the dreaded Lugia should be feared, as he can pop up from nowhere and take bad children away to Whirl Islands. While Lugia is now only mentioned as legend, and not truly believed to be real. Ho-Oh is still being worshiped as a savior, the one who revived people and stopped the war. Only half of that is true, as Lugia was the only one making efforts to stop the war. Ho-Oh abused his powers of revival to win over the human's hearts. Although Lugia has a new hatred for humans, deep inside him, he still cares for them, he still brings them rain. Lugia is still the only caring legendary ruler of Jhoto.

Pokemon Pearl entry

Lugia: It sleeps in a deep-sea trench. If it flaps its wings, it is said to cause a 40-day storm.

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire entry

Lugia: Lugia's wings pack devastating power - a light fluttering of its wings can blow apart regular houses. As a result, this Pokémon chooses to live out of sight deep under the sea.
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