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The Kings and the Queens

by NightRaven

46502DFF-956E-4715-BCE5-7EA551809A15.PNG 8DB1BFF9-B2D2-4ECF-8DD8-6FB2A9E4AA32.PNG E1071F09-7C83-428E-838F-AE3FDE40B451.PNG 091DBADE-3AAC-475D-8F0E-A54F495B8A19.PNG
NightRaven The more I look at this, the more I know how badly I failed...

Anyways, here we have the kings and queens in the new story I'm creating. (Based off of The Audience created by Lupisvulpes, who is an animator on Youtube. However, it will be quite different, but there may be some references here and there.) There are four kingdoms throughout some sort of world (It has no name yet.), and each has their own ruler (But instead of working how it would in reality with kings and queens [both a king and queen ruling over a kingdom], it would either be a king or queen here.).

Kingdoms and their rulers:
Image One: King Cloud (brilliant name -sarcasm- ) of the Galactic Kingdom (crappy symbols drawn in the bottom left corner.)
Image Two: Queen Hydra (going to change the name later) of the Oceanic Kingdom
Image Three: King Thunder of the Skyward Kingdom
Image Four: Queen Ember of the Ignial Kingdom

I shall redraw this soon...
They all look terrible.

Remind me to never draw at night again.

(Why do I hate this thing so much..?)
  1. NightRaven
    Thanks! ^^To be honest, I'm thinking about redrawing this; whenever I draw at midnight, it usually turns out terribly.
    Jun 6, 2016
  2. IndigoStar
    I like your artwork!
    Jun 6, 2016