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The Journey

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Different stories in spanish and english which I would like to share and maybe one day, make them into one.
We had arrived at a small town by the name of Creel. It was small with few people, located between a mountain valley. During this time, snow covered the whole area, blizzards where constant visitors. This was the quickest way to get to the next city, where the next GYM awaited us. The three of us, Charlie, Saul and me, walked quickly into town, since a blizzard was already coming up.

We reached the local Pokemon Center. As we pass through the glass doors, we realized there was something unusual about this center. My quilava who walked besides me looked arround suspiciouslly, she felt uncomftrable.

¨Wheres the nurse?¨Saul asked as we began to tour the center. There seem to be nobody here. The cold winter wind began to knock on the windows and howl at us, daring us to go outside.

¨Maybe she went to protect herself from the blizzard¨ Charlie said as he took a sit near the eating area. We joined him, since there was nothing else to do in this deserted building.

The minutes turned into hours as we played with our pokedex and talked about strategies. Our pokegears had no signal and there seemed to be no sign of anybody or anything outside. The horrible blizzard roared even more, sending cold chills down our spines.

¨Dudes, I´m hungry.¨ I told my comrades. We all agreed that it would be ok to eat something from here and we can pay it in the morning. There was only one problem, the cafeteria had no food.

The center began to grow colder as the blizzard grew bigger. We sat arround my quilava who warmed us up with her gentle flames.

¨I think I saw a hotel across the street.¨ Charlie said, suggestin we went there. After several discussions, we decided it wouldn´t be to difficult to walk straight and reach the hotel. Besides, Quilava´s fire could warm us up.

We opened the glass doors, the blizzard smashed itself against our faces. In no time at all I felt my face go numb. We began to walk, the freezing wind scratching our hands and faces. Quilava led the way with her flames, followed by me, Charlie and then Saul.

The blizzard began to sorround us with a thick fog, it wasn´t long before I couldn´t see my friends behind me. I called out to them, but there was no answer. I called to my quilava who stopped on her tracks and cuddled up next to me. We stood arround searching for the hotel, the center or my friends. The cold wind began to get colder, slashing at our skin. Quilava fired up her flames, trying to keep us warm.

"Dude!" I heard somebody cry out. I looked arround, Charlie and Saul reached us, shivering. We stood there searching for a place to cover ourselfs from this terrible snow storm.

Just before we went into full panic, the storm stopped. Only a thick fog and a cold breeze laid before us. We still couldnt see anything too far ahead. The world was dark, cold and sent a terrible feeling through our souls. Just then, red shiny eyes began to shine al arround us. They glared at us without blinking. Charlie and Saul prepared their pokeballs. Quilava fired up, ready to battle, whatever our enemy was, they were a lot of them.

"Show yourself!" I dared them. I felt my pokedex began to react. It might give me information of to what we were about to face.

The screen lit up as I opened up the red cover. I stood there frozen as I witnessed the identidy of our attackers.
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    Thomas Runner
    so mush suspense
    Mar 11, 2015