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The Introduction

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 I know I make a lot of written works series ,but I wanted to make another anyways. Without further adieu, this is 'Thieves and crooks'. Thieves and crooks is a series following three characters that are criminals in the mean streets of Unova. In the future I will probably ask people to create characters that I may add in the story ,but for now the story focuses around these three characters. This episode is purely an introduction to the characters. There will not be much story to this episode beyond the bios. (I took some inspiration from Lupin the Third in making this series)
Dash Fast - Plusle(Watt) and Minun(Volt)

Kelly Brook - Comfey(Tulip)

Sandra Scarlet - Dunsparce(Tor)

Before I start the series, let me introduce you to the three members. The first member is a man named Dash fast. Dash Fast is a mechanic and car expert. Dash has a Plusle named Watt and a Minun named Volt.

Kelly Brook is another man ,but he specializes in infiltration. He's extremely effective with a lockpick ,and even his partner, a Comfy named Tulip can use its vine whip like a lockpick. Kelly is a smart man and has an extensive knowledge on jewelry and gemstones ,and can easily tell their value by simple examination.

Sandra Scarlet is the third person ,and she is a computer hacker specialist. She is well versed in many different hacking methods ,and always has a backup plan. She excels quiet well with security systems ,and is adept at manipulating them to her advantage.

Name: Dash Fast
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dash is a somewhat thin, tan young man with short pale blonde messy hair he combs to the side. (Kinda like Oikawa from Haikyuu). He has mint green eyes. He's 5'5 ft.

Dash wears a white tank top with black smudges on it. A light faded brown leather jacket with stitch marks all over it. The sleeves on his jacket stop at his elbows ,and dark brown fur around the collar. He wears thick brown leather gloves that go halfway up his forearm. He wears green cargo pants with all sorts of small metal containers in his pockets which contain anything from snacks, to small car parts like lug nuts ,or whatever he decided to put in them. He wears long socks. A red sock on his left leg and a blue on his right. He wears electric blue steel toed boots with purple lightning bolts on the side ,and bright red shoe strings. He also keeps a pair of gogo goggles on his forehead ,but when he works on cars they go on his eyes.
Personality: Dash's personality changes depending where he's at. On average, Dash is a fairly nervous man that can make average situations turn awkward fast. He tries to be polite and friendly ,but struggles to do so. When he gets emotional he has no sense of personal space. He gets emotional often. Whenever he's in his car or working on his car, he's an entirely new man. He's confident, charismatic ,and well in control of his emotions.
Pokemon: Plusle(Watt)(Male) and Minun(Volt)(Male)
Backstory: Dash loves cars ,and grew up around cars for most of his life. Dash's father was a mechanic ,and so was his grandfather. Dash's father taught him the ropes of fixing cars. Dash's grandfather helped too from time to time ,but in his old age, his grandfather was usually too grumpy or in a bad mood to wanna do anything. Dash's father had all sorts of clients. Some of them were drag racers. Dash's father hated drag racing ,and hated fixing up drag race cars. Seeing the way these people treated their cars ,and the conditions they put them through made his father sick to his stomach. However they paid well ,and Dash's father needed the money.

Dash was somewhat interested in drag racing ,but his father would always become quick to criticize or outright detest such a thing as being ''idiotic' or 'a waste of money'. Dash listened to his father for a while ,but he later on rekindled his fascination in frag racing years later. Dash would eventually become one of the best drag racers ,and would aquire several different cars. His favorite car was a toyota Trueno(The same car from Initial D, For all tenses and purposes, I'm just gonna say it looks the same too, cause I'm basic that way) His love of cars lead him into wanting to live life on the edge. Stealing cars ,and fixing them up. He'd even give these fixed up cars to other inspiring drag racers.
Watt – the basic unit of electric, mechanical, or thermal power.
Volt – the basic unit of electromotive force.
Watt and Volt usually sit on Dash's shoulders.
Dash's favorite car;

Name: Kelly Brook
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kelly has collar length jet black hair that he combs back neatly. His skin is pale ,and his eyes are yellow cat-like eyes, he's fairly muscular ,and is 6'1 ft.

Kelly Brook wears a bright pink dress shirt, a flower necklace, silver earings with blue diamonds.He wears a gray and pink vertically striped blazer with neon blue heart shaped cufflinks. He wears matching pants but the verticall lines go the opposite direction. He wears black suede shoes with yellow socks. His comfey(tulip) can usually be seen on his wrist at all times.
Personality:Kelly is a confident, bold, risk taking ,and charismatic man with a sense of style and poise. He caries himself around chivalrously and elegantly. He detests dirty things ,and wishes to clean them. Whenever something bothers him or makes him nervous his voice cracks and becomes high pitched. Whenever he notices this he always tries to act cool ,and carefree to save face.
Pokemon: Comfey(Tulip)(Male)
Backstory: Kelly was always smart in school, athletic ,and all arouund liked and admired. He was the captain of the sports team, and the chess team, and the drama club, and the book club ,and the math team ,and was the drum major of the marching band. Many of the girls were head over heel for him ,and many of the guys were jealous. He was for the most part, perfect. Doing all of this wasn't enough for him. He wanted challenge in his life ,and he wanted to surround himself with beautiful things likes gemstones and jewelry. Which lead him to become a thief.
Other: A Tulip is a flowe that symbolizes love and confidence.

Name: Sandra Scarlet
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Appearance: Sandra is a slim woman with dark skin, bright red hair that goes all the way to her hips ,and curls at the ends, baby blue eyes ,and freckles. She's 5'9 ft.

Sandra scarlet wears a red crop top with a denim jacket on top(short ripped sleeves), She wears a short ripped denim smirt with pink leggings that goes down to her knees. She wears red tennis shoes with white stripes ,and bright red shoe strings.
Personality: Sandra is a very calm reserved girl who rarely shows emotion. she's not easily startled or surprised ,and is almost always has a deadpan expression. She does however have a weakness which is cute things. She loves to see cute pokémon or other cute things. Its one of few things that will get a strong reaction from her.
Pokemon: Dunsparce(Tor)(Female)
Backstory: Sandra lived a mostly calm quiet life. Her father wasn't there for most of her life as he spent several years locked up in jail. Her mother raised her mostly by herself ,and didn't handle single parenting too well. Her mother would go out partying often with her 'gal pals' three to four times a week ,and do a lot of drinking. She would leave her daughter home alone for long periods of time. Despite her mother's drinking problem, she never lashed out at her daughter in any way, shape ,or form. Also her daughter never went hungry as her mother always was smart enough to leave her with food prepared before leaving her. Eventually Sandra's father was let out of jail on good behavior ,and even somehow managed to leave a somewhat good impression on Sandra despite his limited time raising her.

Sandra loved books ,and quickly became fascinated with computers. Her fascination with computers lead her to taking them apart ,and subsequently leading her to needing a new one. She eventually learned quickly how to take apart a computer without damaging it beyond repair. This also lead her to computer hacking ,and eventually she would become a thief.
Other: Tor is a internet browser that allows users to surf the web anonymously.
Her dunsparce(Tor) usually slithers behind her or beside her.

"pass me the socket wrench over there will ya? No. That's an adjustable wrench. No, that's a monkey wrench. No, that's a torque wrench. Again, no. That's open ended wrench... There ya go! Now that's a socket wrench. Nice job!" Dash said cheerfully. "Piii piiiiiii!" Watt said cheerfully. "Miii miiiiiiii!" Volt cheered. "Ha! I'm almost done" Dash said cheerfully as he was making the last adjustments under his car. After a few minutes he got out, "Guess she's as good as she's gonna get huh? We got a job to do guys! Lets go!" Dash said. Both Watt and Volt cheered in unison before hopping on Dash's shoulders.

Meanwhile... A man in a sharply dressed outfit was walking down the streets, "Ladies please! I'm sorry to say this ,but I really must go, Ciao!" Kelly said cheerfully waving to the ladies. A man in the back of the crowd could be seen glaring away from Kelly with a jealous expression. Kelly looked at the man ,and blew him a kiss. The man in the back of the crowd blushed as he held out his hand to catch it. The women in the crowd cheered as he did so ,but the guy in the back of the crowd knew who that kiss was intended for. Kelly continued on his merry way, "Guess we should head to our next destination, aye Tulip?" Kelly said. Tulip cheered with delight.

Meanwhile again... A woman sitting in a dark room, with the only light in the room coming from her computer. She was staring rather intently at her computer. She had a dunsparce resting along the edges of her chair leaning against her calmly. This didn't bother Sandra much as she was used to Tor doing this. "I guess we should eventually head out soon huh? Would hate to make them wait again, I guess" Sandra said. "Duuuuun?" Tor went inquisitively. "I dunno. Guess we will know when we get there... Lets get this over with" Sandra said.

(To be continued...)