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The Gym Battle P.2

by Logan Ketchum

Logan Ketchum Logan now gets to the first gym,The electric gym,Read p.1 to make sure you are ahead
In the last part,Logan Has defeated the first trainer in the gym.Lets see how he dose on the Dance Floor."Ok Dance floor,This should be easy."Logan Predicted.He went around in a swirl shape.Then somehow the gate just opened.As he was going to the 2nd trainer,he noticed Lily coming in."Hey Logan guess what!?"Lily yelled.I replied'What?"."I have 10 pokemon"She said Excited."Well I have 4 pokemon.She started battling the first trainer.After a couple steps,Me vs trainer 2."Guess this should be easy,go Treecko!"Trainer 2 sent out a Electrike."Treecko now use Absorb!"I commanded.His electrike used shockwave.Suprisingly it was a critical hit.I now said "Treecko Absorb again."His electrike fainted."Well your just good."Said trainer 2.Lily was catching up fast,She is already trying to figure out the dance floor.I Shredded the 2nd dance floor.And here come the Gym Leader Derrick,The thunder gym leader.

the final part of "The gm Battle" will be made on 1/15/17