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Logans Pokemon Adventure: The Gym Battle P.1

by Logan Ketchum

Logan Ketchum After going through a forest,Logan comes across a city,will he get his first gym badge?
After going through a forest,Logan comes across a city."I am going to get the city gym badge."Said Logan.A man said"Hey kid,I know where the gym is, it is the thunder building with neon Blue walls".I than replied"Thanks".So I headed to the Gym.The sign next to the entrence said "Thunder Gym,Badges needed : None!" So I headed in.It looked Amazing,It was like a gym in a Club,A Man than said to me "Hello,This might be your first Gym,So to proceed to the Gym Leader,Not only will you need to prove your strength to some Bouncers But also your dance moves too on the dance tiles,You practily step on the red tiles but id you step on it again,it will refresh itself so you have to do it again.If you need me to repeat that for you,Come talk to me"."Ok."I said
So I headed to the first bouncer,He said "Before i can let you go any further,Lets battle!"."Go Froakie And use Bubble!"I commanded.and the bouncer sended out mareep.than Mareep used Tackle."Froakie now use Lick!" I than Commanded and mareep fainted.Now i could move up to the dance floor.

This is 1/3 of the parts done so far,Next one will be out 1/14/17