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Miles and Sherrie: The Grass Dragon (Chapter 2: Inspiration)

by MikeAllenZ

MikeAllenZ Sherrie learns a bit more about Miles as the two of them have to fly on a commercial airplane for the first time.

The next day

I rush through the busy hall of the airport. He said that he's here. Where could he be? Is this the kind of stuff I'll be dealing with on our journey. Lucario seems to have a similar annoyance.
I finally bump into Miles and Houndoom near the entrance. He's in yellow and black shirt with a matching hat, but the pants are just normal jeans. I only saw him in a suit the day before. It's odd to see him wear a color like yellow. I actually like it. "Hey"
"Hey" he replies.
"Is that what you usually wear?"
He grins. "Nah. But I figured if I was going on a Pokemon journey I may as well dress like it. My clothes are usually so dark."
Ah, that makes sense.
"Well, I like it."
"Thanks. What about you?"
His words and the cool air I notice reminds me that my clothes may be the SLIGHTEST bit showy. "I was reading Cerulean Magazine on the way here" That made him laugh. Yes! I love making people laugh, and I'm surprised I got one from him so quickly. "I also read up on Geanto and I hear it's warm throughout most of the year"
"That's true." He responds "Well, mostly at least."
"What do you mean?"
"You'll see when we get there" I lead him to where we have to be checked. "So how does this thing work? I've never been on a plain before, or at least a commercial one. Only on a private company one."
"Rely? Niether have I actually. I'm in the same position." Dad would always give me a ride on his own plane. I mean, it'd be waste to not use help from a rich father. Just not allot. "Looks like we'll figure this out together."
We go up to the worker. She immediately points to Lucario and Houndoom. "That Houndoom has a beautiful blue coat." She compliments
"Thanks" Miles seemed proud "He's a shiny"
Wow, I barely noticed till now. Houndoom's coat is dark blue. How did I miss it?
The lady now seems remorseful. "You know that Pokémon over three feet in height must be in their Pokéballs beyond this point, right?"
I'm sure the four of us were completely shocked. I'm a wreck when I'm not with Lucario.
"But my Houndoom despises being in his Pokéball."
"Yeah, Lucario too." That wasn't exactly true, but I didn't exactly want to say why.
"I'm sorry, but I can't help you there." She looks to me "Even for a Pokemon Master. Sorry"
"Well, at least I get the flattery." Me and Miles take out a Pokéball each and recall Lucario and Houndoom.
"Have a nice trip. And it's nice to meet you." She smiled sweetly.
"Thanks" I've heard people say that if they were me they'd hate the constant attention of being a Master. However, I don't mind it. I actually enjoy it allot.
A few yards away from us there were two friendly looking security guards with a strange device that looks like a door. I've only ever seen these devices on TV. I think it's some sort of metal detector.
They greet us both equally friendly like, but they obviously know who I am. One of them is a male and the other's a female.
The female is the first to speak, "Are you Sherrie?" She asks.
I move my metal hand out to shake hers. "Yep"
"Wow, thank you so much." Gratefulness was something I haven't seen from a fan yet. But then again, it's only been two weeks.
"Thank you for what?"
"Thank you for being an inspiration" An Inspiration? "My son is paralyzed from the waist down, but he still wants to be a Pokémon trainer. He's really close to a Chespin he met in the woods and Professor Bristlecone says he can have it on his 10th birthday. I have the Pokéball now, and I actually think he might have a chance at becoming a Pokémon trainer."
I never thought of being a role model. But I don't what to think now. Maybe my predicament could help others just like me.
I was born with only one arm. I was lucky that my dad was a rich billionaire in charge of a spy organization, because by the time I was a toddler, I had a prostatic arm. But that wasn't all, I also learned to fight at a young age, and my dad kept upgrading my arm as I grew older. Now it's huge and has allot of cool stuff to it. It has a watch, a case for my cell phone, and it can even be used as a weapon for when I get into danger on my journeys. Of course, now I have to charge my arm, but it's worth it to have such cool features at my side.
I hug the woman. "Thank you." Normally I'd be talking so much at a time like this, but I can't seem to find what to say. I only cry alongside her. "I'm sure your son will be an amazing Pokémon trainer. I can't wait to see it."
"Thank you" She's repeating herself. But it doesn't bother me.
By the time the embrace is over, the other security guard already let a decent amount of people go ahead of us. Apparently Miles gave him the go ahead. But now it's our turn.
"So what does this thing do?" Miles asks
"Is this your first time flying?" the man asks
"Kind of" I reply
"At least commercially" Miles adds.
"How old are you?"
"18" Miles replies
"19" I reply
"19 huh?" The woman replies
"What did you think I was? 10?" We all laugh at how ridiculous that sounds.
The male is the first to respond. "Well, I need to put your watches, cell phones, and Pokéballs on the conveyer belt. And also, are you able to take your arm off?"
"Not here." I reply

After we get off of the line, me and Miles both find ourselves looking at each other.
"I have to confess," he states "I get nervous whenever I'm not with Houndoom"
"Oh my god" I feel relieved that someone feels the same pain. "I get so confused and can't think straight whenever I'm without Lucario."
"What do we do?"
"We should stick together." I check out the sign that says our flight is in a half an hour. "How long is the flight?"
"I think it's a good few hours."
"Dear god." Wow, that's long! "What are we to do?"
"Oh no. I forgot Dramamine!"
"What's that? A rare Pokémon?"
"No, it's medicine for motion sickness." He reacts scared. "And I don't have any money on me."
"How bad is it!?" I worry, but then I realize something. I have plenty of money. My dad left me allot in his will. "Never mind. I can pay for it."
"I think so!"

There's a pharmacy near where our plane is landing. We grab the medicine and go to the counter. I give Miles the money and he goes to the cashier.
"You didn't give enough money" the cashier said calmly.
A look of despair and fear came over him. "Uh, I'm so sorry." The cashier looked at him weird.
"It's okay dude. Just give me the two dollars."
I interfere. "I'm sorry this is my fault I didn't think..." Wait! What was I trying to say? Damn, I forgot!
"Are you Sherrie?" The cashier asks.
"Um, yeah. I am." I remember something "Oh right! I'm a Master!"
"You know, it's just two dollars. And I mean you're such an inspiration. I'll pay for it."
"Oh" Inspiration

The rest of that half an hour was mostly a blur except me and Miles l wondering around the hall having no clue what's going on. Some people came to talk to me, but I only remember a few of them repeating that word. Inspiration.
But somehow we made it onto the plane. There was a smaller tighter hallway in between the port and the actual plane. Miles seemed freak out as he stayed close to me, but he seemed to be better as we reached our seats. We were in the back of first class. Only two seats in the row, but they were roomy.
I sat near the window and Miles sat near the alley. Apparently better for his motion sickness.
"Did you take your plane medicine?" I ask him
"Dramamine? Damn, I need something to drink in order for it to work."
"I'll go ask the woman in dress who has a kart." I go to do so, but as soon as I get up, the person coming onto the plain points a gun to my head.
"You're the champion huh?" He replies "I heard you're friends with M. Where is he?"
I look back to the seat to see Miles is no longer there. "I don't know" I reply. Dear god, please not an assassin.
Suddenly Miles appears behind him. I wonder how he got there. The seats were so crowded, and it'd be hard to sneak past him. "I'm over here!"
The guy turns around and points the gun at him. "So, you're Agent M?"
At this point I figure out what he did. He gave me a chance to strike. I use my robot arm and punch him in the head, and he gets knocked out. The entire plane claps.
Miles sees the he's right next to the kart and looks to the lady. "Can I please have an Oran Berry Juice?"

We took off not too long after. After me and Miles signed some paperwork that Officer Jenny gave us as she took the guy to jail.
Apparently, Miles' medicine also makes him tired as a side effect. So he fell asleep not long after we took off. I remember that after about twenty minutes, his head dropped to the side and it rested on my shoulder. I thought it was cute so left it alone. When he woke up I denied that I knew, claiming that I was asleep too.

After getting off the plane, we had less of hassle to get where we needed to go. Me and Miles agreed to hold hands and walk slowly there, to avoid trouble.
Once we finally made it past the check zone, we were relieved to be able to take out our Pokéballs. We quickly called out Lucario and Houndoom, embarrassing our partners.
"You two love your Pokémon allot, huh" We turned around and it was the security guard lady from earlier.
I decided not to lie. "I get confused and all over the place when Lucario's not around."
Miles followed my lead. "I get easily fearful without Houndoom by my side."
"You know, you can get them registered as Therapy Pokémon."
We look at her confused. "Therapy Pokémon?"
"Some people need their Pokémon around them or else they suffer from mental side effects. That might be something you two might want to check out."
I didn't know this woman besides the time we met earlier, but I was thankful for everything she's done.
"Thanks" I respond. "And also, do you know where the nearest Pokémon Center is?"
"It's not too far. But you might want to ask a taxi to bring you there. Actually, maybe the bus stops there."
"Thank you for everything"