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The First Day..

by julieno321

Piplup cheerfully walked with his new trainer, Ivy, towards Professor Rowan's laboratory. Piplup sang all the way there while Ivy trudged along, regretting choosing this hyperactive pokemon. I should have chosen Turtwig, She thought. They entered the lab and were greeted by the professor.

"Come in so I can prepare you for your journey," He said.Ivy walked in and returned piplup to his pokeball. She sat down as Rowan explained everything to her. "This is your pokedex," He said," Every pokemon you meet will be recorded in it." He handed it to the girl and she put it in her bag. He explained a few more items as he handed them to her. "That's all there is, now you can make your way to Jubilife City." He dismissed her with a wave and she set off on her adventure.

On her way to route 202, Ivy bumped into her friend from Twin Leaf Town. "Hey, Marcus.." Marcus was as energetic as ever and was distracted by his lazy Turtwig. "Come on, don't you do anything?" He tapped its shell and it used razor leaf on him. "OW," Marcus returned his Turtwig and turned to Ivy and Piplup. "Hey, Ivy! I see the professor gave you a pokemon too! Maybe we could travel together!" This was the last thing she needed, a hyper pokemon and a hyper friend. But he was a funny guy, so she let him tag along. "Let's get going," She said.

Near the city, a wild Shinx attacked. "Go, Piplup! Use pound," She called as the shinx launched a quick attack. The shinx went in for another quick attack. "Quick, jump in the air and use bubble!" The piplup obeyed. Shinx grew frustrated and used Spark, leaving Piplup dazed. "Piplup, snap out of it! We can win if we hit her one more time with pound!" Piplup charged at the shinx and hit her with a menacing blow. Ivy threw a pokeball and caught it. "Yeah! We caught shinx," She cheered with her piplup. Marcus clapped happily and they continued to Jubilife City.
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