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Luca: The First Battle

by TheStargazer

TheStargazer Luca has been challenged to a Pokemon battle by a trainer! Who will win?
Character Profile:
Name: Luca
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: Fair Skin. Short Black hair. Grey eyes. A Grey hoodie with a Brown Backpack. Denim Jeans.
Pokemon on hand:

Gender: Male
Ability: Speed Boost
Night Slash (Egg Move)

Gender: Female
Ability: Torrent
Water Gun
Disarming Voice

And Now for the next part of the story.
Hau sent out his Pokemon. It was a Rowlet. Luca already had it scanned in the Pokedex so he didn't bother scanning it again. Luca knew it was a Grass type so he sent out Torchic.
"Torchic, this is your first battle so please win," Luca said.
Hau stood there confused.
"That's not your starter, isn't it Popplio?" Hau asked.
"It is in a way but Torchic is the first Pokemon I ever had," Luca replied. Hau understood. He thought it didn't matter either because Hau thought he was going to win anyway.
"Rowlet Leafage!"
"Torchic, Dodge!" Torchic successfully dodged the leafage.
"Now Torchic, Use Scratch!"
Hau grinned.
"Rowlet, Fly up into the air."
Rowlet used it's wings and it lifted itself into the air, dodging Torchic's scratch.
"We'll just use range, Ember!"
Ember hit Rowlet. Rowlet fell to the ground which did some damage to Rowlet.
"Finish this with Night Slash!" Torchic's claw turned black as it attacked Rowlet simular to scratch but did a lot more damage. Rowlet had fainted.
"Guess you beat me, Next time we meet, I'll win," Hau said with a smile.
"No I will," Luca replied.
Professor Kukui walked to Luca. He had been watching the battle the whole time.
"Luca, it's getting late, I should get you home, Hau, good battle, go show Rowlet to Hala so he can heal him," The Professor said.
"Bye!" Hau yelled as he ran home.
Professor Kukui took Luca home. Luca's parent's weren't back so Luca cooked some dinner, showed Popplio around and then went to sleep, excited for the next day.
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