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Nate's adventures: The first battle

by Undynethe??????

Undynethe?????? (Paste the thing from last time here)
As I'd start to walk out I'd hear Cami battling Nation "oh no I'm next" I'd sigh. After a few minutes of spectating I'd open the door to leave but suddenly Cami would say "Nate I challenge you to a Pokémon battle". I'd sigh and walk to a place to battle. "ALRIGHT GO SNIVY" I'd say "ALRIGHT go oshawott" Cami would say. "Snivy use tackle!" I'd exclaim. "Oshawott use water gun!" Cami would exclaim . As the two moves collided a giagantic explosion would come from the attacks as a pikachu jumped in and used iron tail. "Hey What the heck?!" Me,Cami ,and Nation said. Nation would throw out his tepig "use ember tepig!" Nation would exclaim. "Use water gun oshawott!" Cami would exclaim. "Use vine whip snivy!" I'd exclaim as the enemy sent out a level 10 butterfree and a level 10 beedrill to accompany the level 20 pikachu. "He is to high level to beat. " Even all our levels together would be under his power ". As the attacks each hit pikachu someone would send out a Charizard "…" Charizard would use dragon tail on the pikachu,butterfree,and beedrill. Knocking the Pokémon out the trainer would say "Fly Charizard" the charizard would fly off with the trainer on its back."Woah!" We would all exclaim.
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