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The Fiddler's Melody: An Emerald Nuzlocke Ch. 8

by Master of Stratos

Master of Stratos Chapter 8: Branching into New Territory
We rejoin our intrepid heroes after a battle with Wally, Heavy still limping from his fight with Wattson. He looks to Shadow. "You...saved me when tiny baby Manectric tried to finish me. You are true credit to team." said Heavy. He picked up the Swellow and put him on his shoulders. "I'm not the one you should be thanking." said Shadow. "McPaddigan saved you from being electrocuted, I simply finished what she started."

"True, true.." Our heroes, who were still sad over the passing of dear McPaddigan, are beginning their journey across the nearby valleys to reach the next Gym in Lavaridge. "Alright, guys. We may have lost one, but let's not despair for our first death! Manectric has been the bane of many Nuzlockes before us, but now the menace has passed." rallied Louis. "Besides, McPaddigan would want us to go on. She was a brave fighter, and her sacrifice was a testament to that, now let us all do the same!"

A rousing cheer could be heard echoing around the outskirts of Mauville, our brave team setting out; supplies in tow. A few hours later, they have made their way across Route 117, where they stop and rest at a nearby lake. "Well, it's been a few chapters, time to practice my fiddle.." thought Louis. He played in tune to That's All, which attracted another crowd. Except this time, it also attracted many trainers from across the Route.

The concert performance went on through the day and into the night, Louis falling asleep with the fiddle in his hand.

The very next morning, Louis awoke to find himself surrounded by a large quantity of Seedots. "Er, hi. Can I help any of you?" he asked, yawning. The Seedots said nothing, but picked up Louis by the back and carried him to a large, hollow tree near the end of the Route. The inside was lit with bioluminescent tree sap that glowed an eerie tan-orange hue. All the while, Louis was just as confused as you no doubt are.

Eventually, they stopped near to a large, wooden throne, where a large Shifty stood, Louis's Pokemon sedated on the right side. "You be music maker, yes?" asked the Shiftry. "Yes, I am." answered Louis. By now, the drowsiness and awe had wore off and had been replaced with confused rage. "But what does that have to do with you kidnapping me and my Pokemon!?" he demanded. "We need help of you. Fierce group of Corphish attack our home, and only music can stop them." explained the Shiftry.

Louis remained silent. "That has to be the stupidest plot point I've ever heard! And I watched Pokemon 4Ever! How is my fiddle playing going to stop an army of possibly earless shellfish?!" he finally shouted. "Music does not stop on its own. You recruit others with music to help us." said the Shiftry. "And if I do what you say, what then?" asked Louis. "We make you hero of Seedots and send helpers in dire situations. I know many troops in Hoenn that will prove useful." bargained the Shiftry. "And the reason you sedated my Pokemon..?" "So that they could not combat us to defend you. Do not fear, they will be fine in an hour." the Shiftry continued.

"Just one other question: Who the hell are you guys anyway?" asked Louis. "I am Barkion, king of the Seedots and Keeper of the Forests." said the Shiftry, raising his branch-like arms in honor of his own name. Though still confused on their recruiting methods, he felt he had no other choice. He started playing his violin, which of course drew a crowd. "Pokemon of the Route, we today fight a massive menace! The fierce Corphishes have rebelled against the harmony of the land and we must discipline them!" said Louis, rallying the troops.

"Why can't they attack on their own?" asked a nearby Poochyena. "They're mainly Seedots and besides, they don't have hands." explained Louis. "Why they don't just evolve into Nuzleaves I have no idea. Maybe they believe in eternal youth for all I care. Nevertheless, I will not let this peaceful route succumb to ruin!" It wasn't long before the Corphishes attacked, the Pokemon armies fighting each other like something out of Lord of the Rings! Ooh, it was a sap/bloodbath indeed!

Only one Corphish was left after the horrible battle, about to be killed by Garnet. "I have but one question." whimpered the Corphish. "Why are you killing a pure crusade?" "Crusade? You're trying to attack the Seedot kingdom, are you?" asked Shadow. "Bring about chaos and anarchy to the forests?" "Are you kidding me?!" shouted the Corphish.

"That crackpot Shiftry has been ruling this route with an iron branch for decades! We were trying to kill him to free the enslaved Seedots!" "Really?" asked Steven. "Yes, really! That old branch was bored with how peaceful everything was so he tried making it a dictatorship by disguising it as a monarchy. Us Corphish were the only ones who could resist his sweet tongue." explained the Corphish. "In that case..." said Garnet. She Double Kicked the Shiftry and threw him into the lake to be attacked by Barboaches and some surviving Corphishes.

The Seedots cheered and praised Garnet. "All hail our new savior!" they cheered, to which Garnet gave a smile and chuckled. "I am..deeply sorry for the misunderstanding-" began Louis. "Don't continue." said the Corphish. "Anyone in this kind of plot would have done the same; just look at Jak 2."

"To make up for it, how would you like to join our ranks?" asked Steven. "We could use a formidable fighter." The Corphish thought long and hard about it. "Deal. It would get old swimming in that pond forever, anyway." he finally said. "Actually, I'm a she." he-I mean she said.

Okay...but what to call you? "Call me... Lady Vice." she answered. "Short for Vice Grip." "Sounds good to me!" said Louis. And thus we come to the end of another Veterenarian's-I mean Fiddler's Melody Chapter. Tune in next time when you'll hear Louis say, "So why didn't the other Pokemon seem to be in pain when Barkion ruled?" "Simple, they went out on a limb and concluded that they should keep quiet about it." answered Lady Vice. "Very funny..."

*To Be Continued...*

Pokemon Roster So Far:

1. Garnet: Combusken. LV. 28
2. Steven: Linoon. LV. 26
3. Shadow: Swellow. LV. 27
4. Heavy: Hariyama. LV. 28
5. Lady Vice: Corphish. LV. 22