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The Fiddler's Melody: An Emerald Nuzlocke Ch. 5

by Master of Stratos

Master of Stratos Chapter 5: A Fight for the Bird
When we left our team last time, they had seen a brutal cliffhanger! The goon from Chapter 3 has struck again, THIS time he stole the briefcase and rocketed off, Louis in hot pursuit. The chase gave way to several trainers and into a cave called the Rusturf Tunnel. The place was pitch black, but there was a sense of fear in the air. "So, you're after the loot again? Well I said I'd get you and your little bird...SO I WILL!" a voice said.

It grabs Shadow and holds him hostage. "Gimme your loot too or I'll put on a new special for patrons of the show: Tailow Hot Wings!" "Nice try, goon, but you can't get me!" said Shadow. He Pecks his hand and uses Wing Attack, freeing a Wingull from its bindings in the process. "Get him!" said Garnet.

The four Pokemon gang up on him and beat him down, forcing the goon to retreat. "Fine, you may have beaten me; but you haven't heard the last of TEAM AQUA!!" vowed the goon. He rockets off into the opposite direction as a stranger approached. Instinctively, Louis punches his lights out. When they carry him outside to get a clear view, Louis said, "Well, crap."

After an hour of explaining, they headed back to a tall building in Rustboro. "Don't worry about it." said the stranger. "I admit I probably shouldn't have sneaked up on you like that. I'm just thankful you saved the Devon Goods." "The what?" asked Shadow. "The Devon Goods contain the blueprints for an important project that the Devon Corporation is planning. You saved them from falling into the wrong hands, and for that, I thank you. As recognition of this, I'll show you to my superior; Mr. Stone." explained the man.

"Why not just use his full name?" asked Shadow. They don't give him one. No seriously, I've checked; he has no name that I can find! But who does have a name is the owner of the building and the company of Devon Inc., one Mr. Stone. In this Nuzlocke he's played by Orson Welles. "How did we afford him? He's dead!" asked McPaddigan.

This is literature; different medium. Why do you think The Simpsons got away with having Lionel Hutz in the comics despite the death of Phil Hartman? "Point made." said Shadow. "Enough with the pop culture jokes, we have a plot to move on with." said Garnet. Er, right.

At the very top of the building was the office of Mr. Stone. "Sir, I have a guest with us. This boy here saved my hide with his Pokemon from a vicious ruffian!" said the worker. "Welcome, dear boy! Stone is my name and the business of mineral hunting's my game! Speaking of games, since you've got the power to save lives and send messages, I need you to start a plot point with my son Steven in Dewford and speak to Captain Stern in Slateport." said Mr. Stone. "And what's in it for us?" asked Shadow. "Aside from the gratitude of me, you get assurance from me personally that you have the full support of Devon Inc. by your side. Besides that, your Trainer here will receive this:"

He hands Louis a small, diamond-shaped, golden device with a Pokeball insignia. "Thanks to my partnership with Verizon, I was able to use some of there technology to make that, the Pokenav." he explained. "This little number was designed by the fines here, and has both a Town Map and a cell phone!" "You got a deal, chief. So which way to Dewford?" said Louis. "Talk to a man on Route 104 by the name of Mr. Briney. He'll sail you there personally." Mr. Stone replied.

Upon leaving the building, who should appear but May on the outskirts of the city. "Oh, Louis! I was wondering when I would see you again!" exclaimed May excitedly. "I've been upping my game for a long time and am more than ready to take you on!" "Really? So have I. Would you do the honors, narrator?" replied Louis. Your wish is my command.

Greetings, battle-fanatics and welcome to the next Pokemon smack-down in the ring! This time it's a tag-team match: Torkoal and Mudkip versus Shadow and Steven. A strange matchup to be sure, but let's see how the do in the ring! *bell dings* Oh, and Shadow starts off strong with a Wing Attack on Mudkip; and Torkoal responds with an Ember to the feathers! Shadow's down, but not out as Steven uses Headbutt to paralyze Torkoal!

And it works! Torkoal curses like a sailor and Shadow finishes off the Mudkip with a Quick Attack! Boy, what a game, ladies and gentlemen; now Shadow's switched out with McPaddigan to finish the job, and she starts with a Nature Power! It turns into Rain Dance and Steven attacks with Headbutt again! This weakens the Torkoal, which only makes him curse more. "What a mouth he has!" exclaims Louis as Steven continues to attack.

"I know, I don't know where he gets it from!" May replied. A cutaway gag reveals that the Torkoal was vacationing in Littleroot Town and overheard Louis's mother ranting about Norman for the fifth time that afternoon. Back to the plot, Torkoal is...OUT! And our heroes win again! What a game, ladies and gentlemonsters, what a game!

"Darn. Well, I knew you'd win eventually." admitted May. "But don't think you've heard the last of me! I'm a rival, you know!" She runs off, Louis calling back. "I know! You said that in the second chapter!" Our heroes leave for Route 104, fighting many Pokemon in the grass along the way to train them up. Eventually, they find Mr. Brine's house by the sea, being chased by a Wingull.

The Wingull recognizes Shadow. "That's him, Brine!" squawked Wingull. "That's the lad that saved me from being caught by that goon!" Like the Wingull, Mr. Brine spoke in an Irish accent. "Eh? Oh, you speak of the Tailow, Peeko? Very good! I owe you a favor for saving Peeko, laddie!" said Mr. Brine joyously.

"Good, 'cause we need to get to Dewford and give a letter to Mr. Stone's son; Steven." Louis said. "Eh? Oh, the rock-boy! Aye, that'll be no problem! To the sea, me-hearties!" And in no time our heroes were on the shores of Dewford. After a bit of exploring around the town, Louis realizes something very important: "We need another player!"

"Huh?" asked his team. "We'll need a bit more muscle in the long-run." he explained. "But you got me!" Shadow pointed out. "Yeah, but I hear the Gym Leader after this; Wattson; he's a Pokemon murderer! His Manectric's taken the lives of many in not only this game, but in Ruby and Sapphire as well!" said Louis.

"We'll need some extra muscle for when he shows up." Just then, a Russian voice spoke up. "Did somebody say muscle?" From inside a nearby cave on the shore emerged a large Makuhita, pounding his belly like a timpani until he stopped. "I am Heavy Muscleman." he said. "And these *flexes his muscles* are my weapons! I am force to be reckoned with by all!"

"Are you volunteering?" asked McPaddigan. "Yes. I am recruiting myself to your ranks. I had brother that worked with Trainer; but was beaten by tiny baby Manectric in his prime! WATTSON SHALL PAY!" he explained angrily. "Welcome aboard." said Garnet. Now with five party members, they face the Gym to gain Flash. "You'll have to stay at the back of the Party, Heavy Muscleman." advised Louis. "For the sake of you staying alive long enough to incite revenge."

"Please, call me Heavy." said Heavy Muscleman. "Let me, I can fight these fools with one wing tied behind my back!" said Shadow. "What a coincidence; I plan on having you take the helm for all the fights alongside Garnet."said Louis. "Good. *smiles*" "You like Garnet?" asked Heavy.

"Of course not. I like nobody on this team; you have a Lombre for Moltres's sake!" "Whatever." said McPaddigan. After several switcheroos that gained Steven, Heavy and McPaddigan a level or two, it's finally time to take on Brawly. "So, you chumps think you can mess with me?" said Brawly. "Bring it! I'll knock you out like Rocky did to Mr. T!"

"Sure. Think you can best this?!" taunted Shadow. He knocked out both Machop and Makuhita in little time with a Wing Attack, and things looked like smooth sailing; that is, until Meditite showed up. "What do you mean until Meditite showed up?" asked Shadow. "He means I did this!" Meditite tightened its focus and tried to Focus Punch Shadow! And it's likely he'd have been killed, had not something blocked the attack.

Taking one for the team was none other than McPaddigan, who now was severely injured. "No, McPaddigan!" said Garnet. "McPaddigan?!" laughed the Meditite. "Ha, ha, ha, ha! She deserves to die with a name like that!" This angered, of all of them, Steven, who Headbutted Meditite and- what's this?

"YOU! WILL! SHOW! YOUR! RESPECT!" shouted, to everyone's surprise, Steven! "He can talk?!" exclaimed Shadow. He then flung Shadow at Tailow, knocking the Meditite out. "Ow..." said Shadow. Everyone gathers around the fallen Lombre.

"Wait!...I...still...live!" said Lombre painfully. "Stay down, girl...stay down. We'll get you to the Pokemon Center immediately." said Garnet. Garnet carries both Shadow and McPaddigan to the Pokemon Center, talking to Steven along the way. "Steven, what you did back there was...amazing." she said. "Thanks." said Steven, blushing.

"I'm surprised you only talk now." said a still astonished Louis. "I always could. At least in my mind." Steven explained. "I think Steven's ability to speak was delayed at birth and it took the falling of a friend to trigger speech." deduced McPaddigan. "Or the writer's pulling crap out of his ass." said Shadow. "There's always that option, yes..." I think it's best if we cut off here; our heroes could use the rest.

*To be continued....*

Pokemon Roster So Far:

1. Garnet: Combusken. LV. 20. Moves: Ember, Double Kick, Focus Energy, Peck
2. McPaddigan: Lombre. LV. 16. Moves: Astonish, Bullet Seed, Nature Power, Absorb
3. Steven: Zigzagoon: LV. 18. Moves: Tackle, Sand Attack, Oder Sleuth, Headbutt
4. Shadow: Tailow. LV. 19. Moves: Peck, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team
5. Heavy: Makuhita. LV. 12. Moves: Tackle, Focus Energy, Sand Attack, Arm Thrust