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The Fiddler's Melody: An Emerald Nuzlocke Ch. 3

by Master of Stratos

Master of Stratos Chapter 3: Avian and Aquatic Harassment
We rejoin our brave hero Louis on the outskirts of Petalburg, he and his three Pokemon ready to start the first leg of their journey. "What's your dad like?" asked McPaddigan. "I'm afraid I don't know." replied Louis. "Mom didn't like to talked about him. And when she did talk about him, it was usually angrily in the other room like a sailor hyped up on Jack Daniel's." "Ouch. Well, this'll be your first time talking to him." guessed McPaddigan.

Putting on a brave face, the trio entered the Gym, where they see the Gym Leader talking to a kid with green hair. "N?!" exclaims McPaddigan and Louis. Sorry, he's not for two generations. No, this is Wally; someone we'll be running into a LOT more as time goes on. "How do you figure?" asked Garnet.

He's one of the main rivals of the game, of course we'll run into him. Anyway, Wally and the Gym Leader talk about the Ralts he had recently captured. "And take good care of that Ralts, you hear?" said the Gym Leader. "You got it." said Wally. With a Zigzagoon by his side, he marches out.

"Ah, son! Look how much you've grown!" exclaimed the Gym Leader. He runs to Louis and shakes his hand. "Dad?" asked Louis. "Damn straight! I'm your dad, Norman O'Leary! How've ya been?" said Gym Leader Norman. "I started my Pokemon Journey some time ago. These are Garnet, McPaddigan and Steven." said Louis.

"Hello." said Garnet. "Hi!" said McPaddigan. "Arf!" said Steven. "Nice to meet them. It does my heart good to see my son following in the family tradition!" said Norman joyously. "Tradition?" asked McPaddigan. "But of course! It's a time-honored past time for the family to have one main character to carry on the legacy. I may have stopped when I became a Gym Leader, but now's your chance at the big time!" Norman explained. "But I don't want to put any pressure on you or your team."

"Too late..." muttered Garnet. "Ah, your Torchic has spunk. Don't lose it..Garnet is it?" complimented Norman. Garnet simply looks at him and seemingly rolls her eyes. "Well, I've dragged the plot down long enough; I suppose you'd better get on with the journey." "Yup. See ya later, pops! Wait, why can't I fight you?" Louis asks as he's about to leave. "Your Pokemon are too underleveled. Not ready for my Pokemon. Come back in a few chapters and we'll smack down like the old days!" said Norman. "Oh. Fair enough, see ya in a few episodes, Pops!" waved Louis. "Bye, son!" called Norman.

Needless to say, Louis was confused. "He was actually....nice?" inquired Louis. "I'm not sure what your mother was so mad about." agreed Garnet. "Eh, maybe he was behind on his child support or something." wondered McPaddigan. Could be, but we have no time to dwell over the confusing plot points now.

About thirty minutes later and our quartet of heroes make their way to Route 104. The air was crisp and salty; the landscape pristine and looking like something out of a Maine shoreline. Louis inhales deeply. "I'll say! The place smells like what air freshener commercials always dream of!" he agreed.

As they relaxed and enjoyed the sea air; they failed to notice a flock of Flying Types watching hungrily. Well, all but Garnet. She gave the nearby trees a steely look, which panicked the flock into attacking early. "Fliers incoming!" warned Garnet. "Good eye, Gar-net-of-fish!" Louis said.

"Forced much?" asked McPaddigan. "It was the heat of the moment." confessed Louis, blushing at his verbal blunder. The flock was a large group of Tailows whom were eyeing McPaddigan as if she were brunch. "Excuse me?!" exclaimed McPaddigan. Well, Grass and Flying types are natural enemies. But let's save the logic for later: Now we have another Poke-Smack-Down on our hands! *bell dings*

And we got a humdinger this time; the leader seems to be a Tailow with a scar on his face. A real edgy character to say the least. But can he stand up to the mighty Garnet? Let's find out!

Ooh, and Garnet goes full force with an Ember! This burns it and-OOH, he responds with a Peck! It's not that effective; and Louis goes for the Ball! *twitch-twitch-twitch...ding* And he is caught! without a leader, the rest of the flock scatter. They rush back to the Petalburg Pokemon Center and heal him. Louis sends him out of his Pokeball to meet the others.

"Hi. I'm Louis; and these are Garnet, McPaddigan and Steven." he introduced. Garnet and McPaddigan wave as Steven barks with approval. The Tailow turns away with disappointment. "To think, a great bird forced to work with an Elvis impersonator, a 70's cop, an Irish lily pad and a DOG..." he muttered. "Excuse me?" asked McPaddigan.

"You heard me. You four don't deserve my help. You're the sorriest excuses for soldiers I have ever seen. I mean, you're using a Lotad for Zapdos's sake! A LOTAD!" answered the Tailow. "Oh, so Mr. Pompous Bird-Sarge thinks he's better than a Lotad?!" challenges McPaddigan. "I don't think.. *whispers to her side; since I know she doesn't really have ears* I know." he replied. This sends the two off in a flurry, scaring both the Nurse and patrons of the Center alike. Garnet quickly stops the feud, however.

"Enough." she said. "Better or not, you're both on the same side now. Now start acting like it!" She turns her feet into gauntlet fists again and gives the duo the a bonk to the head. "Fine, but I don't have to like it.." said the Tailow. "Such defiance...." Louis began.

".....Such defiance calls for an equally defiant name....Shadow!" "Well, at least this team's good for something; appropriate names." muttered Shadow. "Steven, Garnet, keep a close eye on Shadow in case he tries to fly away." said Louis. "Arf!" said Steven. "Okay." said Garnet.

The five head back off into the Petalburg Woods, beating up many Trainers along the way. It wasn't long, however, before they stumble upon the first signs of trouble. A voice demandingly shouts out in the distance. "For the last time, mate: give me the goods!" "Never!" replies another voice.

"Main character AWAY!" says Louis, the others close behind. "Is he always like this?" asked Shadow. "It's new to me." replied Garnet. They reach near the end of the clearing where they see a man in a striped shirt and blue bandanna interrogating a man in a suit with a briefcase. He turns to see Louis and smirks. "Oh, a bystander decides to join in the fight? Bring it on!" the goon said.

OOOOOH, we got us a smackdown in the ring today! In this corner, everyone's favorite afroed Torchic: GAAARNEEET! And in this corner, a beast who's bark is worst than his bite: POOOCHYENAAAAA! *bell dings* The battle's intense this evening, ladies and gentlemen! The Poochyena tackles, only to be stopped by a Peck and Ember!

But, wait, Torchic doesn't learn Peck until- "It wasn't her!" said a voice. "It was me!" Sure enough, Shadow had intervened as Poochyena was about to Bite her. "Thank you!" called Garnet.

Shadow doesn't reply, but attacks again with a Peck, helping to knock the Poochyena out. "You just got lucky kid! But I'll get you, young man, AND YOUR LITTLE BIRDS TOO!" The goon runs off cackling. "Thank you so much! Here, have a bag of money." said the guy gratefully. "Er, thanks?" "And to your Tailow, here, have a Great Ball!"

He tosses Shadow a Great Ball to hold, much to his confusion. The guy rushes off, Louis and his team following suit. "What's with that guy?" asked McPaddington. "Nutty as a fruitcake." concluded Shadow. "Couldn't have said it better myself." said Louis.

After a few extra battles, Garnet reaches her next step in evolution and becomes a Combusken, and now she has ACTUAL ARMS! It's a miracle! Steven jumps into Garnet's newfound lap and licks her face. "Aw." said Garnet. At last, our heroes make it to Rustboro Town, where our next chapter awaits!

*To be continued...*

Pokemon Roster So Far:

1. Garnet: Combusken. LV. 16. Moves: Peck, Double Kick, Focus Energy, Ember
2. McPaddigan: Lotad. LV. 13. Moves: Nature Power, Astonish, Absorb, Growl
3. Steven: Zigzagoon. LV. 12. Moves: Headbutt, Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip
4. Shadow: Tailow. LV. 10. Moves: Peck, Growl, Focus Energy, Quick Attack