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The Fiddler's Melody: An Emerald Nuzlocke Ch. 2

by Master of Stratos

Master of Stratos Chapter 2: Lotad Lily Padding
We rejoin our hero after a few battles through Route 101 to Route 103. Garnet has gained three levels or so in that time. "You think you're ready for this, Garnet?" asked Louis. "Yes, and I am more than ready for her Mudkip too. Too many memes." she replied. "I know what you mean." Louis said.

The reach near a steep hill, where May is waiting. "I was wondering when you would show up." May said, seeing Louis and Garnet walk up. Garnet and Louis are confused by this. "Eh, were we supposed to find you atop a hill?" asked Louis. "I'm your Rival, Louis, I'm supposed to know about these things." May explained. "But enough chit-chat. TO BATTLE! Narrator, would you do the honors?"

Certainly. In this corner, she's the bro with the 'fro and knows how to keep the flow: GAAAARNEEET! And in this corner, the fish with a wish to act like a bitch, MUUUUDKIIIIP! *bell ding* We got us a beautiful battle in store tonight, ladies and gentlemen! Two rookie champions ready to duke it out for the title of top 'Mon! Garnet's been showing her potential for some time, capable of turning her legs into mighty fists of magenta-colored anger!

As for Mudkip, he's sadly an unknown to me, but that'll make this battle all the more curious! Speaking of the battle, Garnet starts strong with Scratches on the hind legs! Oh, but the Mudkip retaliates with a hard Tackle to the ribs! This hurts, but not enough to Faint, and Garnet comes back strong with her feet turning into magenta gauntlets! *PUNCH* Ooh, and Mudkip is outta there! Short, sweet and to-the-point, THAT'S what we love to see in a first Rival battle!

"Way to go, Garnet!" exclaims Louis. Garnet simply smiles and shakes May's hand with her foot. "Good battle." Garnet said. Such chivalrous acts an only be found here in the ring, ladies and gentlemen. Our duo of Trainers return back to Littleroot Town with Pokemon in tow, where Professor Birch is putting the finishing touches on two gifts for them.

"Ah good, you're both back." Professor Birch said, not turning. "Time for your next step into being a Trainer." He turns and gives them what look like red versions of the latest Nintendo DS model. "Nice idea, but no. These are Pokedexes; the guide to all Pokemon in the Region. With these in hand, you will be able to catalog all your findings!" Professor Birch said. "Sweet!" exclaims Louis, Garnet smiling on top of his head.

"I wish you both the best of luck; and I would suggest you both battle out in the Region's Gyms. You know, to help ease capturing them all, so to speak." advised Birch. "Alright, where's the nearest one?" asked Louis. "It should be the Petalburg Gym not too far away from here. But it's a little out of our league." said May. "I think our best bet is Roxxane's Gym in Rustboro." "Noted." Louis simply said.

"Oh, and I almost forgot-" Professor Birch rushed to his cabinet. "Here are five Pokeballs for each of you so that you can build your team. Oh, and you should probably talk to your mom about this before going, Louis." he said, running back to them. "You got it. Come on, Garnet." Louis said. The two run back home where their mother is standing at the door. "Good, you're back. Birch called me while you were out, and you have my full support on this. Who knows? Maybe you'll be better than you father..."

She wanders off to the kitchen again and spouts off more angry rants about his father. And like last time, I won't dare repeat what she said. "Trust us, it's for the best!" said Louis. A few hours later, his mom returned, only to find he left some time ago. "Ah, just like dad...." And..well, you can guess what happened with her after that.

Back with our hero, he and Garnet were finally heading out to Route 102 when they're stopped by an old man. "Please tell me he doesn't need his coffee to let us pass." dreaded Louis. Thankfully, no. But he does raise his staff and points it towards him. A purple glow emerges from the tip and hits Garnet and Louis. The purple beam spoke to him via telepathy and spoke in rhyme no less:

The seeds of the future lie buried in the past
You will emerge victorious and loved by all amassed
But it comes at a price, and these words you must hear
You will lose the one whom you hold the most dear

In a flash, both the old man and the beam left as quickly as they appeared. "Perfect;" said Louis annoyingly. "Plot foreshadowing." "At least he was mercifully short." said Garnet. Too true, too true.

After a few hours of walking, Louis stops at a tree stump and sits. Out of his backpack came his violin and bow. He picked them up whilst his mother was ranting like a sailor. He starts to play in tune to Head Over Heels, which attracts a crowd of Zigzagoons and Lotads. When he finished, two of the Pokemon stayed.

"That was beautiful!" said the Lotad in a very high pitched, female voice. "Thanks." said Louis. I practice every couple of days. "If it's all the same to you, I want to join you." said the Lotad. "Is that so? We could use someone to level out the playing field. Sure, why not! What's your name, little pad?" Louis replied.

"I don't really have a name." the Lotad said. "Though I am a good dancer!" She shows off her moves and does an Irish jig. "Very good! I know, I'll name you McPaddigan." "Just McPaddigan?" asked the Lotad.

"The name box can't hold much else." Louis confessed. As they talked, Garnet noticed the Zigzagoon and attacked it. The Zigzagoon simply barked and licked Garnet's face. "What's going on- *sees the Zigzagoon* here?" asked Louis. "Hold it, you two!"

He throws a Pokeball and captures the Zigzagoon, who promptly leaves the Pokeball to Tackle and Lick Louis. "*giggles* Down, boy! Down!" "Looks like you attracted another friend." said Garnet. "Indeed I have. I suppose I'll have to give you a name, too. How about Scooby?" The Zigzagoon growled in disapproval. "You're right, too cliche. I know! I'll name you: Steven!"

McPaddigan and Garnet exchange looks. "Why Steven?" asked McPaddigan. "His face seems to scream Steven." Louis said. "Besides, it was either that or Tamara and I think this one's a male." "Arf!" said Steven. "Yup, definitely a male." confirmed Garnet.

After several hours of training, battling, Berry picking and Item finding, we at long last reach the outskirts of Petalburg. Let's see how this'll develop our heroes next time!

*To Be Continued....*

Pokemon Roster So Far:

1. Garnet: Torchic. LV. 11. Moves: Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember
2. McPaddigan: Lotad. LV. 8. Moves: Astonish, Growl, Absorb
3. Steven: Zigzagoon. LV. 6. Moves: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip