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The Fennekin/Human

by Midnight821

Midnight821 A human turns into a pokemon and meets a lot of people on his journey to find out who and how it happened.
I opened my eyes. "Why are my hands...furry?" I said. "Why do I have a tail? And why do I look so weird?" May was next to me. "Aw! What a cute little Fennekin!" I was confused. "What Fennekin?" May gave me a puzzling look. "Wait...Are you Brendan?" I nodded. "Brendan...Don't freak out...But your a Fennekin..." She said as she sat down beside me. "Huh?! That's so cool! Wait... Where's Spike?" My Chespin Spike was in his pokeball. I opened it by pawing at it.

*This is the first paragraph. Want to see more? Please tell me!**