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The Fallers Journey: The Fallers Journey Chapter 19: The Pokemon League (Part 1)

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect The Alolan League is here. Woo.
This took me longer than usual to write.
Chapter 19: The Pokemon League (Part 1)
Nanu had taken them back to Ula'Ula island, where they went to Tapu Village and ascended Mount Lanakila. The icy mountain was a challenge, but they made it up. At the top was a Pokemon Center, and a large circular door, with multiple lines of shimmering rainbow colour around it. The Pokemon League, newly finished. They entered on a narrow walkway, towards a central circle where they all stood. Professor Kukui was waiting for them. "Woo! And our final participants are here. Time to get this Pokemon league started, yeah!" Around them, they could see Kahunas Hala and Olivia, someone they recognised as golfing star Kahili, captain Acerola, Gladion, Guzma, and the mysterious figure from Route 3. "I declare this Pokemon league... officially open!" Around the area four more walkways appeared, sprouting out from the middle towards four doors. "These are the ways to the battlecourts, yeah! Above them, a large screen appeared on the roof, with the faces of all 16 participants on it. "Time to see the battles for round 1." A header appeared at the top of the screen saying Round 1. "Battle 1 is...." two squares appeared, randomising between faces, landing on Flame and Hala. "Flame and Hala!" The process restarted. "Battle 2 is... Rose and Olivia!" "Battle 3 is... Mal and Acerola!"
"Battle 4 is... Zero and Gladion!"
"Battle 5 is... Moon and Kahili!"
"Battle 6 is... Isaac and Guzma!"
"Battle 7 is... Sun and Hau!"
"Battle 8 is... Ama and Kukui!"
Everybody quietly discussed the matchups. Isaac wondered. Zero? That was the name of the cloaked figure? He didn't have much time to dwell on it, because the first door opened. "Battle 1 is commencing now." Flame and Hala headed through first into the chamber, everyone else heading through behind them. The two trainers selected three of their pokeballs, and got into position of either side of the court, the others watching from the stands. A screen lit up behind them, showing each of their faces and names and, with three glowing pokeballs underneath them. "Let the first battle of the Alola Pokemon League commence! Pokemon Trainer Flame against Kahuna Hala!" The announcer shouted, signalling a flag to show the battle had started. Both trainers reached for a pokeball and threw them.

Out first came Charizard and Crabominable. "Okay, Charizard, start it off with Wing Attack!" Charizard flew back, gliding towards Crabominable and hitting it with a wing uppercut, floating in the sky as Crabominable reeled back. "Use Ice Hammer!" Crabominable formed it's arms into huge, icy hammers, dropping the long weapons above Charizard and crushing him into the ground. Charizard climbed back up off the ground. "Use Flamethrower!" Charizard, realising it's wings were now too weakened to fly, sprayed a large curtain of fire around it, the hissing embers warding his opponent back. "Use Hammer Arm!" Crabominable dove into the flames, taking the brunt of it, but hammering Charizard in the jaw with a strong punch, throwing his head back onto the floor and misdirecting the rest of the Flamethrower. "C'mon, get up Charizard! You got this!" Charizard struggled back to it's feet. "Fire Blast!" A funnelling blast of fire seeked it's way to Crabominable, who was too slow to dodge, being knocked out. "Return! I choose you Primeape! Rock slide!" Primeape jumped in, calling a storm of rocks that fell on Charizard, knocking it out. "Return, you did well. Go, Noivern!" Noivern dodged around the sky, preparing to attack. "Air Slash!" Noivern created a blade of air, spinning as it threw it towards Primeape at breakneck speeds. Primeape just dodged out of the way. "Rock slide!" Noivern was flurried by the storm of rocks, attempting to dodge but eventually being hit, falling to the floor. "Use Boomburst!" Noivern shrieked a loud sound wave, shattering the rock trapping it and stunning Primeape. "Now, Air Slash!" Noivern flipped as it flew back into the air, throwing another wind blade. At such close range, it wasn't going to miss this time, hitting the stunned enemy head on and defeating him. "Go, Poliwrath! Ice Punch!" Poliwrath jumped into the fray, hitting Noivern out of the air with a frozen fist, the bat Pokemon floating to the floor unconscious. "Okay. This is up to you, Sylveon! I know you can do this!" Sylveon looked towards the far larger Pokemon, defiant. "Hyper Voice!" Sylveon stood in front of the enemy Pokemon and started to sing a majestic song, gradually increasing in volume until it was launched in a wave of sound, suddenly becoming a pink colour and hitting Poliwrath in his swirling stomach, throwing him back and defeating him. "Flame is the winner of Round 1 Battle 1! He will continue on to Round 2! Hala has been eliminated!" Everybody congratulated Flame on his victory.
"Next up is Rose against Olivia in chamber 2!" The competitors headed back to the central chamber, and continued to Chamber 2, where Rose and Kahuna Olivia took their places and chose their Pokemon. The screen set itself up, and the announcer spoke. "Let this battle commence! Pokemon Trainer Rose against Kahuna Olivia!" He signalled with his hand, and they sent out their Pokemon, Glaceon and Relicanth. "Use Icy Wind!" Glaceon created a travelling snowy wind, pushing the already slow Relicanth back. "Use Head Smash!" Relicanth was slowed by the wind, and Glaceon had one chance to attack. "Ice Beam!" The beam was fired just as Relicanth made contact, the recoiling attack defeating Glaceon, and the ray of ice leaving Relicanth frozen. "Go, Lopunny, use High Jump Kick!" Lopunny leaped into the frozen Relicanth, shattering the ice it was imprisoned in and knocking it out. "Return! Go, Carbink!" The small gem Pokemon attacked with Dazzling Gleam. Lopunny was blinded by the attack, falling back, then using High Jump Kick. However, due to the glare of the attack, Lopunny just missed and fell to the floor with a terrible sound. "Lopunny! Are you okay? Please, be alright!" Carbink started to charge up a Power Gem attack, multiple glowing shards appearing around it as it floated up to the injured Lopunny. Just in time, Lopunny hopped up, high into the sky and using High Jump Kick point blank on Carbink. Carving flew far backwards, the gems it had been charging locking onto itself by accident, firing their lasers at their summoner. Carbink was knocked out. "Go, Alolan Golem! Stealth Rock!" Alolan Golem popped it's limbs inside, turning into a ball of rock as it launched several floating shards of rock, turning the battlefield deadly. "I'm running out of options! Use High Jump Kick again!" Lopunny leaped high, out of the cloud of rocks unscathed, and kicking down into Alolan Golem, being caught by the enemy just as he popped back out of his ball. "Use Wild Charge!" Golem charged up a large ball of electricity, then threw it's grabbed victim into one of the floating rocks. Lopunny bounced from one rock to another, and just as it started to leave the cloud Golem unleashed it's power, charging in a lightning ball through the rocks and into Lopunny, finally defeating it. It was down to her last Pokemon.

"Go, Lapras!" Lapras came out just as the rocks disappeared, obliterated by Wild Charge. "Use Surf!" Lapras created a late tidal wave of water around it, preparing to attack. "Wild Charge!" Golem created a ball of electricity. The two Pokemon let loose their attacks, charging into each other. Lapras' wall of water was decimated by the charge, but Lapras continued on, smashing straight into Golem Mid-charge. He had lost his voltage on the water, and was blown back against the wall, defeated. "Rose is the winner of Round 1 Battle 2! She will commence on to the next round! Olivia has been eliminated. Next up is Battle 3, in the 3rd chamber. Male against Acerola!"
Everybody continued on to the 3rd chamber, congratulating Rose on her victory. Flame talked to Mal before the battle. "Don't worry. I know this isn't your kind of thing but you'll do great." She blushed. "Thanks. I'm not sure if I'll win though." In the 3rd chamber, Mal and Acerola stepped up, choosing their Pokemon as the screen activated. "Let this battle commence! Pokemon Trainer Mal against Trial Captain Acerola!" Acerola sent out Dhelmise, and Mal sent out Frogadier. It wasn't a good start for her. "Use Fling!" Frogadier created a ball of darkness, that it threw towards Dhelmise. It was super-effective, but Dhelmise took the attack well. "Giga Drain!" Dhelmise summoned a ball of green energy from itself, draining green energy from Frogadier into itself. "Use Lick!" Frogadier dove in, only to be hit in the head by a pre-emptive Iron Head, knocking the smaller Pokemon out. Mal looked stressed. "Return! Go, Pawniard! Use Night Slash!" The chess piece Pokemon sliced a large slash, straight through the anchor Pokemon it was facing, and knocking it out. "Phew. We're even now." Acerola sent out Palossand. "Night Slash!" The sandcastle Pokemon ignored the attack. "Retreat! Go, Umbreon!" Umbreon came out, using a Dark Pulse against the Earth Power attack from Palossand. The two attacks resonated off each other, Umbreon bracing against the sand while the super-effective energy knocked out Palossand. "Wow! Flame was right, I can do this!" "Go, Sableye! Brick Break!" Sableye jumped in, hitting the sand-covered Umbreon head on with an unexpected chop. Umbreon couldn't take the attack. " Return! Go, Pawniard! Just when I thought I could win..." Suddenly, Pawniard looked back at her frustrated, and sighed, turning to face it's opponent and becoming engulfed in a white glow. "Bi-Bisharp!" "You evolved to convince me I could win! Alright, use Night Slash!" "Brick break!" The two Pokemon's attacks met, Bisharp coming out on top as it dashed past the slower Pokemon. Sableye was defeated. "Mal is the winner of Round 1 Battle 3! She will commence on to the next round! Acerola has been eliminated! The next battle, Zero against Gladion, will happen in Chamber 4!" The group continued on to the next chamber, Flame congratulating Mal on her victory. As they sat in the stand, Isaac wondered. It was time to watch the battle and find out Zero's true agenda. As Gladion and Zero stood up, the screen activating, they chose their Pokemon. "Let this battle commence! Pokemon Trainer Zero against Pokemon Trainer Gladion!" The announcer gave the signal, and the battle began.