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The Fallers Journey: The Fallers Journey Chapter 11: Totem Trek

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect Had to cram a lot of information into this chapter, needed a lot of research. Might post a bit more frequently for a short time.
Chapter 11: Totem Trek
Isaac had to defeat Totem Wishiwashi. Salandit was out first, but Wishiwashi called an Alolomola to help it. "Salandit, use Poison Gas!" The spraying gas poisoned both enemy Pokemon. Several turns later, both Pokemon were still poisoned, but Wishiwashi was still in high health. Gligar and Salandit had both been swiftly killed, and Alomomola kept using Heal Pulse to keep Wishiwashi alive. It was time to send out his last hope. Luxio. Suddenly, Lapras tipped underwater, Isaac's vision blacking out temporarily. He opened his eyes, seeing Lapras flailing in the water, Lillie slowly sinking, her eyes closed. But that was the least of his worries. Wishiwashi was coming straight towards him, and it was about to swallow him! Just as that thought ran through his head, a wormhole appeared, blocking Wishiwashi off and dropping a yellow Z-crystal in front of Isaac. It was an Electrium Z! He saw Wishiwashi continuing on as the portal appeared. This was his one hope. He activated his Z-ring, Luxio using Gigavolt Havoc. The water around him sparked and exploded, as a colossal bolt of lightning struck Wishiwashi, creating a large explosion. Isaac looked up to see the entire water supply of the lake had been destroyed by the attack. It was over. The totem was defeated. Him and Lillie dragged Lapras out of the lake as the water started to flow back in. A while later, everybody had finished the trial, and had Waterium Z.

Next on the list was the Wela Volcano Park. This time, it was Flame's turn to battle first. "I choose you Frogadier!" Totem Salazzle had a Salandit to back it up, but Frogadier wanted to end it quick. He dodged and jumped, firing multiple successful Water Pulses towards the Totem Pokemon, dealing serious damage. However, he landed straight into a Poison Gas attack from Salandit, slowing down his reaction time. The poison didn't give him the time to dodge Salazzle's Venoshock attack, dealing significant damage. "Frogadier, withdraw!" He needed Frogadier to win, so he would weaken Salazzle and finish it later with Frogadier. Out came Pikachu. "Use Thunder Wave!" Salazzle was slowed down by the electric field, but two Flame Bursts put down Pikachu quickly. "Go Frogadier! Get back in the fight and finish this!" It was time to test the new Z-crystal they had acquired. "Go, Waterium Z! Hydro Vortex!" A huge swirl of water appeared around just Salazzle as Flame activated his Z-Ring, and the entire swirl fell in on it, soaking it completely and knocking it out. After everyone was finished, they had there Firium Z, and decided to head on to Route 8.

After heading through Route 8, it was finally time for their final trial in Lush Jungle. Rose was first to challenge Totem Lurantis, who had a Castform to help it. Castform started off with Sunny day, but Buneary used Jump Kick, a swift hop and a kick taking it down. Lurantis already had it's sunlight however, instantly charging it's Solar Blade, knocking Buneary back. "Buneary, get out of there!" The Pokemon was withdrawn. "Go, Drifloon!" The battle lasted for a while. Even the onslaught of Solar Blades was not harming Drifloon too much, and Gust was hitting back for large damage. The sunlight eventually faded, Lurantis resorting to it's last hope. It dodged, dancing around Drifloon's last Gust easily, and X-Scissor fainted the balloon Pokemon with a large popping sound as it sliced sharply. Out next was Eevee. Lurantis didn't take the baby Pokemon seriously, using Synthesis to heal itself slightly. However, Eevee had other plans. "Use Swift!" The large stars fired by Eevee hit Lurantis, no matter how it tried to dodge. Lurantis had enough, finishing the baby Pokemon with one swift X-Scissor. Buneary came back in, worn out and tired. It couldn't finish Lurantis like this. Lurantis used Swords Dance, boosting it's attack as it taunted the weakened pokemon, hoping to finish it next turn. But the totem pokemons eyes widened in fear as a white glow enveloped Buneary, a taller and more elegant Pokemon leaping out high into the air, landing on Lurantis with a super effective Bounce attack. Standing in front of it, Lopunny prepared to land the final blow. Rose activated her Z-ring, Mimi the Lopunny using the normal type Z-move, Breakneck Blitz. It ran back, plummeting into the terrified Totem Pokemon at high speeds, defeating it. The group had all defeated Lurantis, gaining their Grassium Z. It had been the hardest trial yet, and Hau's Eevee had evolved due to the mossy stone in the jungle. Tired, as the bright sun started to come down, the group started travelling to Konikoni city to get some rest before facing the Kahuna.