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The Factions of Ionia (#1)

by NightRaven

5CF6BC80-81F1-46E6-9ED7-F3C48FC5B22E.PNG 4ABD64C1-2379-4BE4-BDA5-B5696C8FE4FE.PNG
NightRaven Alright, now for an explanation;
These are only two of the (unknown number) of factions of Ionia; the Moonclaws( first image; also, yes, I know, brilliant name -sarcasm-) and Emberbloods(second image; also an amazing name -sarcasm-)

These are what (some of) the forms look like for those who join either.

(I'm just doing this to help you out a bit on Ionia; also, that awkward moment you create a fictional place that's named after a sea between Greece and Italy.)

(This list of information will be added to later on when I decide to think more about them
When I created this list, I was extremely tired xD So I may change it)
• Claws that can cut through enemies and ores
• Can change at any time; stronger at night; strongest on night of a crescent moon
• Immune to frost/ice spells, etc.
• Can easily swim
• Live in the darker woods of Ionia along a path from their cave (the Cave of the Fallen) in the Ashen Mountains.

• Claws can catch fire
• Can change at any time; stronger during the day; strongest at noon
• Immune to fire spells, etc.
• Can go through flames without harm
• Live in the Magma Plateau along a path of embers from their cave (Emberstone Cavern) of Ionia
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