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The Earthquake: The Earthquake

by Avacyn

Avacyn Remember when I said that it was in Mexcio. I am so sorry if you found it rude but I don't want it to be. This is fiction and I really hope you understand :3 PS I really love Mexcio
Chapter 1

11 years later Hazel is 15 and she is living in another house with her 39 year old mother. The left side of Mexcio was under rebuilding so she was staying at her moms friends house until the left side of Mexcio was rebuilt. Her mothers friend was 45 years old and she lived in a run down aparment. She still tries to keep that night out of mind. But she can not just keep it out because you have to share a bedroom with your mom. And no alone time because her mother was worried for her. But that is what mothers do.... right?