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The Drakana Adventure: The Drakana Adventure- Chapter 1

by Nidocool

Nidocool Chapter 1 of a story involving my original region!
(Hello! This is an idea that I had for a Pokemon fan game or ROM hack, about Drakana, my original region, but in story mode. This will only contain three Fakemon, which are the starters of the Drakana region. This is Chapter 1. This is the history of the region as well as the protagonists arriving there, so it will be longer. Enjoy!)
Our story started whenever the Drakana region received two new residents. These residents were Archie and Quinn. Archie was a 14 year old boy with a rather troubled family life, his mother and father got a divorce, leaving Archie and his twin sister with their mom. However, Archie had gotten in a horrible argument with his mother, causing him to leave his home region of Kalos-and his sister- to go and live with his father. He had no Pokemon of his own.
Quinn, on the other hand, was a bright 20 year old college student who studied Pokemon, and finally moved out of her Pallet Town home to go on to bigger and better places, and someday become the assistant to Professor Yolande Catalpa, the region's own Professor. With her was her trusty Dedenne, Tiny.
The Drakana region was a very fascinating region. It was a large island that sat next to the Alola region. It was formed whenever four islands crashed into each other and merged. The people were also very kind and energetic. However, the main tourist attraction in Drakana was the population of Dragon-Type Pokemon.
There were more dragons than people in Drakana. Every type of Dragon-type Pokemon known to man can be found there. It even got so large that the government officials of Drakana decided to put a ban on Fairy-Type Pokemon. Therefore, all Fairy-Type Pokemon were (safely) relocated to either Alola or Kalos, and if you want to bring in a Fairy-Type Pokemon, it cannot be a battling Pokemon, and cannot know any Fairy-Type moves.
Another unique feature of Drakana was the Drakanian Pokemon. While Alola has had Pokemon change over time due to climate and such, Drakana's was less...natural. The industrial city of Drakana, Chemisberg City, had experienced terrible amounts of radiation, and humans had to flee. They couldn't do anything about the Pokemon, but to their surprise, instead of killing the Pokemon, the radiation gave them physical changes, making them very sought after by tourists. Unfortunately, these Pokemon are very rare, especially Ponyta and Rapidash, who are extremely popular for their vivid flames and beautiful black markings.
Now that you know more about the region, back to Archie and Quinn. On the twelve-hour boat ride to Drakana, they had become good friends, therefore they had decided to find Professor Catalpa together, since they were going to ask her for a Pokemon. They had gotten off the boat to the port city, Wavenille City. It also happened to be where Professor Catalpa's lab was.
"Does she accept visitors?" Archie asked, moving his red hair out of his face. Being Dianthia's son, he was very well dressed, with all of his clothes coming from the extremely overpriced shops in Lumiose City.
"Of course she does! And all we have to do is politey ask her, and we'll have our own Pokemon in the blink of an eye!" Quinn says and smiles, looking down at him. "She's Professor Sycamore's sister, and he's nice, isn't he?" She says, opening the door.
The lab was very big, a lot bigger than it looked on the outside. There were many lab workers and Pokemon, working together. The two even had to duck as a Chatot almost flew right into them. Most people would call this chaotic, but Mrs. Catalpa thought highly of it. Finally, they got to where the Professor was standing, and Quinn slowly reached to tap on her shoulder...