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The Cursed Tides: The Cursed Tides Chapter 3: Bon Voyage, hopes and dreams.

by OmegaCarvineplays

OmegaCarvineplays Omega has ran to Sarah: The one person who is going on the search. But all hope could be lost when they set sail.
Omega stumbled to a halt and the figure walked into the light." Get out of that coat you'll wreck the carpet." The female laughed and smiled." Sarah did you get the message from Proffesor Beech? We're going out into Tidal Chasm." He sounded scared but he held himself high. Sarah's brow furrowed and her blue hair swayed." I just got the letter. Kind of sucks if it is a Pokemon. We'll get battered." She walked to Omega and embraced him." I don't want to die." She whispered. Omega held her tight then broke away." Let's go to the Proffesor. We have to leave later tonight he said." He smirked and put his coat back on. Sarah followed Omega into the lashing rain. Ducking under cover they made their way to the lab. The Ornate sculptures of the two Pokemon Ho-Oh and Lugia loomed large. They were considered as gods amongst the people of Johto and The Blessed Region alike. They entered the lab sodden through their clothes and they discarded their coats and bags onto a nearby coat hanger. A desk was in the centre of the room with a big telescope aiming into the sky. Seated in the chair was a slim middle aged man with blonde hair and light blue eyes. He stood up and smiled." Ah so Omega and Sarh have arrived now what fun." He exclaimed and he told a few Pokemon-related jokes. Omega stood rigid and spoke." What do you plan for us?" He asked and the Professor turned serious." I need you to go to Tidal Chasm. I have a boat and I have equipment to give you. Here." He handed some tools and supplies to each of them and they put them into their bags." We'll go to the harbour now." Omega said and they turned away." I'll call you either in you're pokegear or holo caster." The Professor said as they left the building. A while later they found the boat and jumped aboard. "We have a crew apparently." Sarah laughed as the sailors came above deck. They were water type Pokemon! All but the Captain." How are you? I'm captain Oceanic. Let's go!" The man exclaimed and the boat set off.

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