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The Crisis Returns: The Crisis Returns! pt.2

by Dertholntez

Dertholntez In this part , Max sets out to a cave that apparently holds Rayquaza here as what Lance said.If Max can get it before Lance does , then the process for the revival of Chaos can be slowed down.It just gets interesting.

(Note) Read part one if you don't understand part 2.

Hope you enjoy it!
Max swiftly surfs to the cave near Zimlot Beach . Zimlot is the city that holds all of the communications with all other regions so it's pretty high tech stuff . The city is just like a model of the ancient and infamous city , Kroekker . Kroekker held a secret that lasted for centuries till the Chaos event happened . "The Chaos was an event where the gods of Pokemon actually were right walking on the pokemon world and causing calamity everywhere . They destroyed many civilizations , citadels , ruins and they destroyed the pokemon world not for any cause of salvation but for utter purpose to create new civilizations than create weak pokemon" Verse 21-4 Sancretorium . Kroekker held that the gods of Pokemon were actually found in the palace chambers but in a 'torpor' form . Meaning they were statues.It is not sure who stopped these tyrants but if anyone did , they're actually the savior of the race of Pokemon .

Max finally reaches the cave and takes small steps knowing that Rayquaza could really kick his ass . "Brrrrrh , so cold!I don't get it , is it moisture wait that doesn't make sense . Maybe the water from the sea?"said Max . Then a yellow light flashes for three times and then illuminates the cave!A really long green body with a lot of gore on the mouth and it starts speaking . "Do you think it is cold because of the sea?"questioned the what might be the legendary Rayquaza . "Yeah , I do." . "Pitiful.It is the souls of the wicked , the heartless that cause the temperature . They do not deserve mercy and I do not think you are to be deserved mercy."said Rayquaza . "Woah , Rayquaza!You can talk and you're actually real!Cool!"exclaimed Max."The youth , they will never learn . I think you are here to prevent Lance from reviving the Chaos , right?"questioned Rayquaza . "Yep , exactly." . "But why do I don't deserve mercy . Did I do something?" . "No , but I'll obey your orders from now on."said Rayquaza . "WAIT WHAT!!I can order you , so you're like my actual pokemon ."said Max."Sadly........yes."said Rayquaza .

"But why?" . "Because I know the power of Team Rocket.They can create such powerful creatures and you know who are they . They can surely revive the Chaos because remember , they have the Government with them . With a good financial plan they can get all pokemon and put them in a "experiment centre" to make more pokemon to make sure the race never dies , they will fool the Government and they are to be blamed at its worst if it ever happens."explained Rayquaza."Works for me!"said Max."Well then , we should be off to Cerulean City , right?"questioned Rayquaza . "How do you know?"questioned Max . "I can read minds."said Rayquaza."Woahhh!!Cool!"exclaimed Max . Max and Rayquaza fly to Cerulean which is (if I'm not mistaken) on the middle of Kanto . After 1 hour they reach the uncanny city and hope that Team Rocket hadn't made any destruction . Well......luckily they were right . Lance and hid team just made into the city meanings they probably took some things for their goal of theirs . "Lance , look what I've got."said Max . Lance turned around and was shocked.Max had surprisingly got Rayquaza ."Well done , Max."said Lance."Not bad at all.But I'm going to need all legendaries meaning Rayquaza also ." said Lance . "You're not taking him . He's gonna be my Mass Machine of Justice!Sounded stupid but oh well."said Max."Mass Machine of Justice?!Rayquaza do you think you should be called like such a name as that!"exclaimed Lance.

"It's better than Mass Machine of Lameness!"said Rayquaza."Wait , what?"said Lance . "Taught him some lingo of the 21st Century."said Max."Knew it.Well then , if you're not handing him over......I'll have to use force then.Mewtwo!!!!"ordered Lance.Mewtwo glides and lands on the ground with such perfection.He then does Psychic and Rayquaza barely even gets hit.Rayquaza coils Mewtwo with amazing speed and does an unknown but epic electrifying attack and Mewtwo has already fainted . "What!!Mewtwo!"exclaimed Lance . "Well , he's mine."said Max.Max throws a Master Ball which he got from being a real Midas by winning the Jubilife Lottery in Sinnoh to Mewtwo . Anddddd.....Mewtwo is caught."Yeah!Two legendaries."exclaimed Max."Arrrrghhh!That's it 'God reincarnate'.See if you can face my mega pokemon!Go , Grenochi!"ordered Lance."A mega pokemon?Isn't that just a mega evolution!"said Max."No it's not!It is this time a permanent fuse with one of the Hyperius Gemstones!"said Lance."Grenochi will destroy you!"exclaimed Lance.

"Nope , good ol' fashioned Rhyperior will . Go , Rhyperior!"ordered Max . Rhyperior and Grenochi set up a real good fight . But Rhyperior catches Grenochi by the stomach with his driller and *bbrbbbbrbbrrrrbbrrrrrrrrbb!!* down goes Grenochi . Rhyperior finishes it with a Stone Edge and it completely ravages Grenochi . "GRENOCHI!!No , no ,no!"shouted Lance . "Told you , ol' fashioned beats everything . Even if combined with the godly Hyperius Gemstones !"exclaimed Max . "I'll get you Max!You'll eventually never make it to Kronos Plateau!"shouted Lance . "Oh , yeah I will!"said Max."No!You'll never know where is Kronos Plateau!Hahaahahah!"said Lance.Lance and Team Rocket vanish into nowhere . "Jeez , Lance really is serious."said Max ."His lust for ultimate power will only lead him to his grave."said Rayquaza morbidly . Mewtwo suddenly jumps out of the Master Ball."My Master Ball!Good thing it didn't fall yet, if it did , I would have lost it forever!"said Max."Rayquaza is right . It will only drive Lance right to his grave."said Mewtwo."Cool,Mewtwo talks too."said Max."By the way Max , you've lost your Master Ball already."said Mewtwo . "Ahhhhhh ,no!"exclaimed Max."I'll find one soon."said Max with grief.

Max , Rayquaza , Mewtwo and Max's team set out to Kalos to check out the Chamber of Emptiness as what Rayquaza's theory was that it was maybe the dwelling of the 'sacred beasts'.

4 Days Later......

(Flashback)"Lance , Lance!How you doing today." . "Fine.I was just reading about a cave in some island(SPOILER:Kalos)that is called the Chamber of Emptiness . They say a lot of Banettes are there." . "Cool!Hey , Lance.Got any new pokemon?" . "Sadly , no.Still got my Egg and my Rhyhorn." ."Yep , same here . Still got my Dratini and my Glalie." . "Glalie!Where did you get it!Male or Female!" . "Female." ."You're real lucky." ."Thanks I guess and I still got my Gastly." ."Hey , are you gonna join that Rookie Pokemon Trainer League in Sinnoh?" . "Yes , I would if Dratini knew how to fly that is." ."I can borrow my Dad's Dragonite to get there." ."You would do that Lance.You're in deep trouble if he finds out." ."Don't worry he's always in Johto in his platéau place or something like that." . "When do we leave?" . "Tomorrow." . "Are you joining?" . "No , I rather not.They'll all beat me." . "Works for you then."

(Flashback over)

"Are we there yet?Please tell me we're there already.I'm starving and we haven't drunk water in 4 freaking days!"said Max."Be patient , Max.Speak of the devil , we're here already."said Mewtwo."We are?!Yesss!"exclaimed Max."Yes , it's time to land."said Rayquaza.They all land safely and quite coincidentally on top of the Chamber of Emptiness."Well , we arrived right on our destination."said Rayquaza ."Well , you don't say."said Mewtwo.Three of them walk down carefully (except Rayquaza) to the cave entrance . They enter and (description error).............

To be continued.........