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Team Galactic and the Black Tower Project: The Claydol in Team Galactic's HQ

by PokeMario

At the Team Galactic HQ, Team Galactic were up to no good, as usual. "Nyeh heh heh!" Charon, who was Team Galactic's eldest member, chuckled. "URGH! I hate it when he laughs like that...." Jupiter, one of Team Galactic's Commanders sighed. Jupiter hated listening to Charon's sickening laughter, which sounded like a thousand Pidgey squawking.
"Claydol...". "It's that Claydol again!" Jupiter said. "Clay, Clay, Dol." She didn't understand this Claydol that appeared a few days ago. She usually called Claydol and Baltoy an "ancient, dusty, plaything that hasn't been brushed in ages". She also called it the world's most ancient spinning top. Then, Mars and Saturn, both of who were commanders of Team Galactic barged in. "I thought you two were trying to fund the Black Tower project!" Mars exclaimed. "Ahem. I was the one who decided the idea." Saturn scolded. A bunch of Pokemon, which consisted of an Aggron, a Metagross, a Shiftry, and a Scizor appeared. The Aggron and Metagross were seen wandering around the HQ, and serving coffee to the grunts. The Shiftry and Scizor were carrying boxes full of machinery in the warehouse, with an underpass which led to Team Galactic's HQ. TO BE CONTINUED....
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  1. PokeMario
    I tried, but I couldn't get the words "Nyeh heh heh!" out of my mind.
    Mar 2, 2016