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The Chronicles of Reimu: 2

by SummerShaymin

SummerShaymin @_Tapu_Ziru_ Thanks for the inspiration to continue.
Reimu had named her Eevee Eve, due to lacking creativity. Eve jumped down from her arms to sniff the flowers as they crossed to Route 1. On the ground, Reimu noticed a random Potion, which was a gift from the author to make up for the last chapter's awkward writing.

As Reimu waded through the tall grass, a Pidgey swooped down at her. Suddenly, the Chrome browser crashed. The bit with the Pidgey went unsaved in-universe, but is still somehow here out-universe. Let's just ignore that and put the Pidgey on a bus.

Reimu rolled her eyes at the universe's incompetence, but proceeded without a word. "A word." she said to spite the narration. Lacking any ideas for the rest of the chapter, the writer decided to end the chapter.

However, first, some meta info. I promise I will have a battle next chapter. The battle will be a battle. Next, if you are Tapu Ziru, I want to give you credit, so here is a basket of credit that wouldn't fit in the summary. If you are not Tapu Ziru, either you are another one of my friends or a random user. Either way, thanks for noticing this. And now, I'll actually end the chapter. Bye.
  1. _Ziruminous
    That’s actually really cool. Whatever you write, it doesn’t have to be a legitimate story, for example you can do death fights, comparisons or just good ol’ plain funny writings like this one!

    Keep doin’ what yer doin’, mate!
    Aug 15, 2018
    SummerShaymin likes this.
  2. SummerShaymin
    *Illuminati music*

    Seriously, I really want to thank you. You inspired me to continue being stupid. I'm grateful for that.
    Aug 15, 2018
  3. _Ziruminous
    Aug 14, 2018