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The Cherry Blossoms of the Night Sky, Prelude

by Not Gyro Zeppeli

Not Gyro Zeppeli A story about a group of teens who accidentally discover a secret power, and end up regretting it.
It was 6:00 in the morning, and the alarm went off. The young man woke up, slapping the small device until it was quiet. He sat up and rubbed his eye, and went to get changed. After putting on his black coat, white undershirt school uniform, Tikan went outside of his room to wake up his brother. He went into his younger siblings room and shook him awake. "Hey little bro, its time to get up." He said, smiling down at his brother. After multiple groans and muttering of refusal, Nino woke up. "What is it?" He asked Tikan. "What do you think? It's time for school silly." He responded as he exited the room, and started preparing breakfast for the two of them. Oh right, school. Nizo thought, sitting up from his bed. He changed his clothes and walked into the living room.

Tikan brought down two plates of pancakes for him and his brother, complete with butter and syrup. Nino walked to the dining table and they began to eat. After breakfast, the two went to brush their teeth. "So, is anything happening today?" Tikan questioned, toothbrush still in mouth. "Oh I don't know, I think I have an English test." Nizo responded, and then spat out the toothpaste. He then turned to the mirror and started fixing his raven covered hair. "Alright then," Tikan responded with a smile "Just try not to fail it."

After a while the two of them were ready to start walking to school, 6:22. On the way to school Tikan stopped by his friend Haras house, and got him to walk with them. The silver haired man wasn't too happy walking, but he respected Tikan so he did it anyway. They arrived at the school gate, and they all went their separate ways with Nino walking down to the freshman halls.

As Tikan and Hara were walking, they turned the corner and Tikan bumped into their friend Sakura, literally. She fell down, her rosè colored hair falling back to her shoulders. "Are you okay?" Tikan asked, reaching his hand down toward her. "Y-yeah," I'm fine. She said, looking up into his sapphire eyes and blushing in the process. "You know, you really have to look where you're going, next time you might bump into someone like Hara here." Tikan smiled, pointed his hand back to their friend. "Give me a break." Hard said, looking away. They walked into their first hour class, one of the few classes they all had together.

The day proceeded as per usual, with Hara taking notes and Tikan taking notes of his notes. Sakura seemed to be really distant lately, looking distracted more than usual. During second hour Tikan turned and talked to Peri, the boy who sat next to him. "Hey, you think something's up with Sakura?" Tikan asked Peri, another kid in his class. "I don't know," the mossy haired boy responded. "Girls are weird, especially in high school." He said, doodling in his notebook as he talked to Tikan. "True that, I guess it's nothing special." Tikan said, blankly looking st the whiteboard. He rain his fingers through his violet colored hair, and played with the white tuft in the front. He never knew why he had a section of white colored hair, but he's liked it that way.

After school the small group of four walked home together, with Nezu sticking close to Tikan and Hara in the back of course. They decided to walk Sakura home first, since her house was closest to the school. Everything seemed normal until a large blue light seemed to surround the group, and then it turned to a deep black void. Where the hell... Tikan thought to himself. He passed out, only to wake up to a large booming noise.

Tikan woke up to the group of them surrounded by odd creatures almost Demon like. "Tikan!" Sakura rushed to him, crying on his shoulder when she saw him wake up. "What's going on here?" He asked, looking around to see he was the last to wake up. Everyone seemed to have some sort of weapon, with Nizu having a staff of sorts, Hara having a bow, and Sakura having some type of odd book. "Take this, you're going to need it." Hara tossed Tikan a red sword, seemingly pulled from a dead Demon soldier.

He turned behind him, and realized they were surrounded.the group formed a circle, and faced against their opponents. There seemed to be hundreds, if not thousands of these beasts. How will they deal with this situation? How did they get here in the first place? Find out next time; Cherry Blossoms of the night sky!

Hey, sorry if this wasn't that good, it was my first story after all. Criticism is welcomed, I'd like to see if people want me to continue this story idea I have. Let me know, leave comments about anything I should change, and I'll see you guys later.