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The Camp War: The Camp War Chapter 1: Old Friends

by Generation Sect

Generation Sect A story about a hidden camp for Pokemon that have had bad lives, tucked away in Petalburg Forest. Soon however, a friendly war starts between halves of the camp, that may not be as friendly as anyone thinks. Feel free to submit characters!
Chapter 1: Old Friends
One day, a Golett was unearthed in a mine underneath Petalburg woods. Mistaken for an artifact, it was stored away in a crate to be sold with the other relics left by the Ancient Unovans. However, this was not set to be his fate. A kindly Seedot from the other side of Hoenn, traveling with his trainer, a Pokemon carer, stumbled upon this Golett and awoke him, from an eternity of slumber.

Thorn's POV
I was just wandering that day, like I used to do. My trainer was a nice guy, thought there was always a chance, no matter how bad the situation. I was like that back then too. Well, I found this weird double-prism like object in a crate, and I could sense it... breathing. So I tapped it, with my feet. Nothing too hard. I longed for a pair of hands back then. And it suddenly just sprung to life. I taught him a few things, and life was great. Things are different now. People change.

Relic's POV
Life was an enigma to me. I had no recollection to if I had ever existed before, so being... there... it was a state of ecstasy. I now struggle to ever think like that, funnily enough. I've never been more alive than when I never knew what alive was.
I say it's funny, but I physically can't smile, or even register jokes. I was very confused with all of Thorn's antics. He visited me, every time he could. Promised to get me out of that box once he had hands. Eventually he got his wish, and he fulfilled his promise. By then he had changed a lot. We worked together, until I grew to the state I am now. He seemed a lot more angry after that. At me. For everything. I lost my grip on my understanding of anything metaphorical the day he picked up that stone.

Thorn's POV
I was so proud, I finally could do things. Hands. Should have really used them more instead of boasting about them while I had the chance, eh? Relic was so gullible, it was fun but sorta sad at the same time. He learned eventually, so I moved on to a new trick. It was my way of teaching him about the world. Tough love I used to call it, despite how much he objected. But eventually he grew, and he grew too fast. I felt small compared to him, I'd had a head start yet I could never amount to what he would. I never should've took the stone out of jealousy. Envy. All that we had built together, a home, to memorialise my trainers dream, was split in two. I don't have hands anymore. Damn well wish I did.
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    Generation Sect
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