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laversta: the boy and your laversta

by joseph the charizad

joseph the charizad
dad where the pokeballs????????.oh that go to the nuvema town a girl named iris will give you the things.ok dad!!!!!! and good bye!!!!.some time later.ehhhhhhhhhhhh you are iris??????????.yes why oh!!!! you must be the benga boy right?.yeah. so here the pokeballs and the pokedex.good bye iris.whait!!!!!.what??????. here a egg of a dragon pokemon.wow!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks iris.and good bye.in route 1.laversta you seen a pokemon??? lave!!!!!!. huh a lilipup ok lets go laversta use ember!!!!!!.la!!.BUM. pu.........now go pokeball.tu tu tu tim.yeah!!!! i captured a lilipup!!!! lilipup go!!!!! .pup pup. lets go for the accumula town!!!!!!!!!!!!!