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Team Galactic and the Black Tower Project: The Black Tower Project, Revealed!

by PokeMario

At the hangar, Saturn was waiting for the other commanders, as he was about to get into the security copter and go to the faraway Unova region. Suddenly, there was a buzzing on his walkie-talkie. "This is G-Unit Omega, reporting in with G-Unit Beta." The members of Team Galactic below the boss were codenamed G-Units. "Yes. I have all the quota for the project." Saturn heard a footstep. Suddenly commanders Mars and Jupiter showed up. "SATURN!", the two commanders shouted. "Ah, yes," Saturn put away his walkie-talkie. "We are going to the faraway Unova region in order to fund the Black Tower project." As the three went into the helicopter, Saturn started piloting the helicopter. Mars and Jupiter were in the back, and would report orders back to the grunts at the HQ. A flotilla of security copters soon followed along. Alongside some Murkrow, Skarmory, Yanmega, Dustox, and Metang. They were going to the slum infested Black City in Unova. TO BE CONTINUED....
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