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The Begining Chapter 8:Jail Break

by Midnight Umbreon

Midnight Umbreon Jolt,Crystal and Clover try saving Midnight and Ribbon.But One of them don't Make it.
(At the Rebeles Base)
Charizard:Its been 18 Hours,Looks Like your friends don't care about you.
Midnight:I really don't care.
Sceptile:Oh what you lost your Love emotion.
Midnight:I lost that before I was Born.
Feraligator:Your Stupid!!!
Midnight:You Can't break me.
Feraligator: Darn it!!!
Charizard:Well be Back Later!
Ribbon:Hey Midnight do you think that the others will come for us?
Midnight:Of course they will.
Ribbon:You really think so?
Jolt:Guys were gonna rescue you!
Midnight:Yea I'm pretty sure there here
Jolt:Guys not worry I'll untie you!(Jolt untied the 2)
Ribbon:How did you get here without setting off the alarms?!
Jolt:There were alarms!?
Midnight: Where are Crystal and Clover?
Twins:Run!!!(The 5 ran to the Exit)
Charizard:Got ya(Charizard grabbed Clover)

Clover:Huh(Charizard pulled out a Knife and Stuck it in Clovers head)
Midnight: Clover.You Killed her!!!ahhhhhh!(Full of Rage Midnight Broke open the Exit and Went Charizard Flying through walls) Don't ever kill my friends!Ugh.(Midnight returned to normal form and Fainted)
Crystal:We have to go Now!!
Jolt:OK!(Jolt Picked up Midnight and the 4 Dashed of)
Jolt and Ribbon:Midnight wake up!
Crystal:Clover died!:(
Midnight:Crystal,Im sorry.
Midnight:Because if we never got caught then Clover would of Never died.:(
Crystal:Its not your fault !
Midnight:Yes it is!I was not strong enough and we got Caught!
Crystal:Clover died because Of the Rebels.Its not your fault.
Midnight:Im sorry.(Midnight huged Crystal)
Crystal:Its Ok.We will have our Revenge one day.
Jolt: Dont forget us!
Ribbon:we all will make them Pay.
Midnight:Thank You.
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