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The Begining Chapter 5:The New Friend

by Midnight Umbreon

Midnight Umbreon Midnight gets Tired of too many girls around so he makes a New Friend.

Characters:Midnight the Shiny Umbreon,Crystal the Glaceon,Clover the Leafeon,Ribbon the Sylveon,Jolt the Jolteon.
Midnight:Ugh what happend.Where is Everyone?
Clover:Oh hi Midnight Me and The Girls are going over to the Forest Bye!
Midnight:Uh,Ugh I Hate you.Im going to the River atleast it shoud be Peacefull.(Midnight went over to the River to Find something Strange)
Midnight:Whoa what Happend!
???: Please Help Me!
Midnight:Huh? (Midnight saw a Hitmontop and Trainer Trying to Catch a Jolteon)
Midnight:Hey your the same Trainer who Caught Crystal!!!
Trainer:Hitmontop Use Triple Kick
Midnight: Dont think even Think About it.
(Midnight Shot a Shadow Ball at the Hitmontop and the Hitmontop Fainted)

Trainer: Dont Think this is Over!Go Infernape!Use Mach Punch
(The Infernape Hit Midnight with Speed and Force)
Trainer:Looks like ill have to Catch You then!
???:Noo!!! (The Jolteon Shot a Electro Ball at The Infernape)
Infernape:Ow you Little Runt!Wait till I get my Ha...(Midnight Hit Infernape with Iron Tail)
Midnight:Never Underestimate Me!
Trainer:No Infernape!!!Lets Go thier too Strong(The Trainer Left)
Midnight:Hey are you Okay?
???:Yea im Alright
Midnight:Ok thats Good anyway,My Names Midnight.
Jolt:Hi my Names Jolt!
Midnight:Hey why where they Chasing you anyway?
Jolt:I dont know I was just Picking Apples off a tree and then they come chasing after me.
Midnight:That Explains Alot.Hey you want to be Friends?
Jolt:Sure besides i Dont have any other Friends.
Midnight:Well then your Gonna get Three more.:)
Jolt:Really Thats Awsome!:D
Midnight:You can meet them Right now Lets Go!

(Midnight and Jolt Ran to the Forest to where The Girls were)

Crystal: I dare You to Jump off a Tree
Ribbon:Ok (Ribbon Climbed up a tree)
Midnight:Hey Girls We got a New Friend!
Ribbon:Huh? (Ribbon Slipped off a Tree and on To Midnight.)
Midnight:Oww My Back.
Ribbon:Oops Sorry Midnight.
Jolt:Uh Midnight are you Ok
Midnight:I would be Better if Ribbon got off me.
Ribbon:Oh Sorry(Ribbon got off Lucky
Midnight:Ugh anyway Guys meet Jolt hes my New Friend
Girls:Hey Jolt.
Jolt:Hi nice to meet you all
Midnight:Hey why dont you come with us to get Revenge on Rebels who burnt our town?
Jolt:Anything to kick someones butt
Midnight:Well then thiers gonna be alot of Butt Kicking.:)