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The Begining Chapter 4:Love at First Sight

by Midnight Umbreon

Midnight Umbreon Midnight falls in Love with a Sylveon from the Village.
Clover:Midnight Wake Up!!!
Midnight:Ahh You dont have to Yell!!!
Clover:yea but its Funner::D
Midnight:I hate you:@
Clover:I love you 2:)Oh bye the way when did you evolve?
Midnight:What i evolved! (Midnight looked in the River to see he evolved into a Umbreon)Yes i evolved this is awsome!

Crystal:Hey Guys I got a Surpise!
Midnight:I love surprises
Crystal:Ok shes an Eevee from the village who evolved!(Crystal moved to show a Sylveon)
Ribbon:Hi nice 2 meet you.Im Ribbon.
Midnight:N-Nice to meet Y-You 2.
Crystal:Midnight are you okay
Clover:Nope hes not
Crystal:Ok Clover you go show Ribbon around im gonna see whats wrong with Midnight.

Crystal:I know whats wrong
Midnight:W-Whats Wrong?
Crystal:your in Love!
Crystal:Just Wait untill i Tell Clover about this!
Midnight: Dont you dare!
Crystal:Fine anyway im gonna help you out.
Crystal:You will see.

Clover:Hi Ribbon my names Clover.
Ribbon:Hello Clover Whats wrong with your Friend
Clover:I have no Idea.
Ribbon:Well whats his Name?
Clover:Oh his Name is Midnight
Ribbon:Thats a Nice Name and He's Kinda Cute too:blush:
Clover:You really think he's Cute?!
Ribbon:Yea Kinda:blush:

Midnight:Huh what Happend?
Crystal:I knocked you out and gave you a Tux Flower and Ring.:)
Midnight:This is Not a Wedding!!!
Crystal:Just look in the River.
Midnight:I look Terible!!!
Crystal:(Men have no sense of Style)Just go meet Ribbon
Midnight:Im not going Like this!(Midnight took his Tux off and Picked up A Violet from the Ground)I think i got this.

Midnight:where are they.
Ribbon:Hey do you think he likes me Clover?
Clover:I think he might?
Crystal:Midnight there over By the River.
(Midnight walked over to Ribbon)
Midnight:Hey Ribbon srry about Last time my Names Midnight and i got this for you.(Midnight gave Ribbon a Violet)
Ribbon:Aww Thanks Midnight:blush:
Midnight:Your Welcome
Ribbon:Actually I have something for you 2
(Ribbon leaned Forward and Kissed Midnight)
Crystal:He froze again.
Clover:Yea anyway want to join us Ribbon were trying to get Revenge on the Rebels Who burned the Village.
Ribbon:I would love 2.
Crystal:Ok we leave first thing in the Morning.
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  1. Midnight Umbreon
    Midnight Umbreon
    Thanks umbreon ill put it into thought
    Aug 19, 2015
  2. _Umbreon_
    I'm just saying, this is more like a script, or dialogue, try writing it like a book? That's my opion. You can take it, or leave it! have a nice day! :)
    Aug 19, 2015
  3. Midnight Umbreon
    Midnight Umbreon
    Not finished yet ill fix it later
    Aug 19, 2015