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The Begining Chapter 3:Eeveelution Time

by Midnight Umbreon

Midnight Umbreon The Eevee Evolve after walking through a Forest but some unexpected turns acur.

Characters:Midnight the Shiny Umbreon,Clover the Leafeon,and Cystal the Glaceon.
Midnight:Come on Guys we just need to get over This hill.
Twins:But its so hard.
Midnight:You 2 need to get out more.
Crystal: Are You Saying im fat!!!
Midnight:Whatever gets you up this hill faster then yes you are fat.
Crystal:You better take that back!!!
(Crystal ran up the hill to beat Midnight up)
Crystal:You better not call me Fat again!

Clover:Wait for me! (Clover ran up the hill to see the Worst luck)
Trainer:Whoa 3 Eevee's ive got to catch one!Go Hitmontop.Use Triple Kick! (The Hitmontop Hit Crystal hurting her Badly)
Trainer:Go Pokeball(The Trainer caugt Crystal Easily)Ok Rapidash lets go!(The Rapidash took off with the trainer and Crystal.)
Midnight and Clover:Crystal!!!
Midnight: Dont Worry Clover we will ger crystal Back!She went into he Transperent Forest lets Follow them.

(In the Forest)
Clover:Midnight,Do you think we will ever see Crystal?
Midnight:Of course we will we just need to keep looking.Huh.Hey Clover i think we might be able to see Crystal again.
(The trainer was battleing a Other trainer)
Clover:How will we get Crystal back?
Midnight:Ok you make a Diversion while I get Crystal's Pokeball ok.

Trainer:Hitmontop use Triple Kick
Other Trainer:Ursuring use Body Slam (The Ursuring was overpowerd and Defeated.Aww you did good ursuring.
Clover:Eevee Eevee!
Trainer 2:Hey i need an Eevee come back!
Trainer 1:Well i dont need an Eevee cause i caugt one right here.huh wheres my Pokeball.
Trainer 2:Ugh it got away.Ugh why is she laying down!

Midnight:Yes i got Crystal but where is Clover?
Clover:Hey Midnight im back.
Midnight:Clover is that you?!
Clover:of course it it why wouldent it be me?!
Midnight:Why dont you look in the River and Find out!
(Clover looked in the river and found out she was a Leafeon)
Clover:Ahh i Evolved!
Midnight:Ok think about what happend after you lost the trainer!
Clover:I jumped on a Rock with moss on it before i saw you over here.
Midnight:Thats it you must of evolved when you jumped on the Rock.
Clover:oh anyway we got Crystal back
Midnight:Yea lets go. (Midnight realesed Crystal out the pokeball and broke it so she would be Realesed)

Crystal:Huh Clover Midnight.Im back!
Midnight:Your back but diffrent?
Crystal:Thats because my Trainer used a Ice Rock on me and i Evolved into A Glaceon.
Clover:Anyway were just glad to have you back:)
Crystal:Aww thx:blush:
Midnight:We should get Shelter its about to rain soon.

(During Night)
Midnight:When will i evolve Both Clover and Crystal Evolved when will I? I need some water.(Before getting water Midnight stepped on a Lunar Ribbon without knowing)I guess it doent matter I just want to wake up in the morning with My friends.
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  1. Midnight Umbreon
    Midnight Umbreon
    Whoa thats Awsome:D Except that Clover is the Leafeon
    Aug 23, 2015
  2. _snoweii_
    This is weird my name is clover lol!
    Aug 23, 2015